Waiting in Antenatal at Nepean Hospital


When we came from Katoomba Hospital we were told that we would have an ultrasound to check the babies. As I was losing fluid they wanted to make sure that they were doing fine. Until my waters broke I had no idea that you make more, I thought that once they break and the fluid escapes so to speak then that’s it, you must have the baby or babies in my case. Well Monday came around and we did not have the scan, they forgot about us. It was then apparently scheduled for Tuesday. So more waiting …..

Monday night at the hospital was so strange. A nurse came in at 12 midnight. She asked me if I had my babies. I asked her to look at me and then tell me if I had any babies. I looked big and still very pregnant. Understand it was dark, late, and the fact that she might not have seen me before. However it just goes to show that she did not look at my chart or think to look. I then realised that I had to be on the ball with what drugs they were giving me, and what information nurses and doctors had, I had to be focused on making sure that they did not mix things up, drug wise or patient.

Once she then realised that I was still very much pregnant and waiting to have the babies, she then asked why I was on the medication she was giving me. She suggested it was due to blood pressure. I then explained that it was to not have the babies. I was still on drugs not to have them. Until I got to 34 weeks I could stop the drugs. I could not wait.

I forget the name of the drug that I had to take but it caused me to go dizzy as it lowered my blood pressure, turned my skin all red and hot, gave me the sweats and made it just uncomfortable. Some people have these reactions and I was those some people. Very annoying, as all throughout my pregnancy I never had any issues about my blood pressure it was normal, no heat problems other than earlier on in the pregnancy and every nurse that came in just assumed that I had blood pressure issues.

After the nurse went away , I tried to get some rest. This was not very successful as I then felt the strangest thing. You know how a cat scratches it’s head and really violently , it has both legs up and paws going. Well it sort of reminded me of that for some reason. It felt like the baby that was on my left side had dropped down further into my pelvis and was moving their arms, at the same time the left on did that the one on the right moved their arms I think as well. It felt very strange and don’t know how to explain it to this day.

I ended up getting rest, but was constantly woken by the nurses for more drugs, temperature and blood pressure checks.

Stay tuned for the news of the ultrasound

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  • Jeffrey Smith
    February 16, 2012

    Thank you for the material, and your web-site genuinely looks superb. Just what wordpress theme are you utilizing?

    • Suzanne
      February 16, 2012

      Thanks Jeffrey Smith. I am using Adventure Journal. Have changed and tweaked some things, but mainly it is that theme, working on doing more.

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