To pierce or not to pierce

Do you have your ears pierced? Does your child? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Do you have your ears pierced? Does your child? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Gisele Bundchen has copped some flak for piercing her 7 month old daughter’s ears. I for one would not do it so young, but don’t see an issue if this is your preference.

I have my ears pierced and my twin girls have already expressed a desire to have theirs done also. One question has been asked by my girls, “Will it hurt mummy?” Well it does not hurt badly but it is a little sore but not for long.

When I got my ears first done it was with my mum and my sister and I was about 7 or 8 I am not sure. I do remember that I got them pierced in Innisfail, North Queensland while we were living on our 50 foot boat and travelling up the coast. My dad was not happy but mum decided since we really wanted it and were older, we could get it done, again we wanted it due to mum having hers pierced and wearing earrings. We wanted to be like our mother.

My main issue with not doing it to the girls when babies was the cleaning and looking after the ears and what happens if they get infected? I think that the girls can better look after it when older and have a better understanding of what is involved. That said, maybe it might have been better to do it as a baby as they would not know it was painful and have no memory of it. Now that the twins are older they might get upset if it is sore or might think it would be scary.

It is not something I am forcing them into, if they want to get their ears pierced that is their decision, and I will support it. I don’t think we as parents and the public should criticise Gisele’s decision to pierce her little girl’s ears, many do this and don’t get this kind of attention.

I don’t have an issue if you pierce your baby’s ears, it is your decision to make and think people should worry about bigger and greater issues in the world. Who cares really if someone does this, how does it impact on you and the world? All this attention to this issue is just like the next door neighbour being a busy body. Are we Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched? I think not! How about we just focus on what is important and the piercing of a kids ears is not one of them.

Have you pierced your daughter’s ears as a baby? If you have not has your child expressed a want to have them done later? I want to make it an event that you take your little girls out and make it memorable like what my mother did for me. My mother had a nice day out with her father and then she got her ears pierced, so would like to replicate that if possible.  Send in your stories and comments.

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  • Tamara Millsteed
    August 1, 2013

    My mother had my ears done when I was six months old, I am sure it hurt for a few seconds but I have no memory of anything awful. I had Emma’s ears done at 6 months old for this reason too. I was lucky enough to have two people do both ears At the same time so it was over in under minute. I don’t see anything wrong with it, I took extremely good care of her ears while they were healing which was nothing new As I was always thorough when cleaning her. I never had a problem with infection because I only used high quality earrings in her little ears. I think it comes down to personal choice, do what you feel is right and ignore what people think. I did! I had many people looking but at the end of the day she’s my child.

  • Foodie in WV
    August 1, 2013

    I got mine pierced when I was 4 🙂 The main thing I can see as being a positive when they were little was that they would not remember it. I remember it hurting, but if they are only 7 months they would remember nothing.

  • Lizzy Allan
    August 2, 2013

    My parents were extremely strict and my mother didn’t even have her own ears pierced. I went off sneakily with a friend to have it done at 16 and my mum was still furious with me! (so that’s the other end of them spectrum in parenting for you!) Within 2 years, I had it done again, plus the top of my ear, my belly and my nose. I don’t think there’s any point being too strict with children; they’ll just end up rebelling completely when they’re older. I’ll pierce my daughter’s ears when she asks me to get it done 🙂

  • Amy
    August 4, 2013

    My ears were pierced when I was 2 months old, and so were both of my sisters’. It was easy for my mom to care for them and keep them clean with us being so small. We don’t have any memory of it hurting or anything. I’ve just had another baby girl and plan to pierce her ears at the same time as mine and her baby sister.

    Our ped encouraged me to do it early when mommy can care for them. She gave me some tips for moms having their dd’s ears pierced. That said, if you are having reservations about it, follow your gut and mommy intuition. If you are thinking about it, then is is probably best to go ahead. Of course, it is totally up to your comfort level in caring for them and if you can stand the cuteness of little babies with adorable earrings! If you would like our ped’s info, then drop me an e-mail.

  • Mama Carmody
    August 12, 2013

    I didn’t get my girls ears pierced when they were small for many of the same reasons that you didn’t. You all ready have so many things that you have to worry about getting clean with infants, folds in the skin, belly buttons, etc. I made my girls wait until they were 13 years old. I wanted to make sure that they could care for their ears themselves and they really wanted to deal with the pain that can be associated with pierced ears. Although the original piercing may not hurt that much, if they get infected they can hurt quite a bit.

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