The Splinter Disaster


A couple of days ago Julia looked like she got a splinter on her hand. I tried to look at it and remove it, but she put up such a fuss and a fight, I left it. From what I could see, it did not look like much and might work its way out on its own. I meant to tell the hubby about it once he was back from an interstate trip but forgot to mention it to him. I know this sounds bad, but she did not seem upset by it, and I was keeping an eye on it.

However tonight Julia had it removed with daddies help, but it was due to Lillian having a bigger splinter that looked terrible that needed removing that helped Julia get hers removed. We were alerted to this splinter from Lillian complaining that her finger hurt, she showed me and I then explained it was a splinter and needed to be removed. As you can imagine this news was met with big screams, crying and her yelling at the top of her lungs, “I don’t want the tweezers! It does not need to come out!” I hugged her and said that it does need to come out and that daddy will look at it for her.

You might ask where Lillian got her splinter? Well we were out visiting my mother and my step dad today and she picked something up in the yard. When she did it, my step dad commented that it looked like she got a splinter or hurt her hand but she went on happily playing, so this was not brought to our attention. There must have been too much to do at this place that she pushed through the pain of the splinter to continue playing. So as mentioned daddy was going to look at Lillian’s finger and see if he could get it out, she was not willing she was not his first patient.

Julia was curious with what daddy was getting and she decided to see if he could look at her hand. I then explained what had happened to Julia and her splinter was small and close to the surface of the skin, so easy to remove. While Julia was getting seen to by daddy, Lillian decided to come and have a look see. She asked Julia if it hurt and what it felt like. Lillian was then convinced that it was o.k for daddy to help her with her sore finger.

Lillian was now feeling better about daddy and him looking at her finger. She did get the thumbs up from Julia, so all was well for a brief moment. However after a bit of exploration, not too much mind you as we did not want to hurt her, it was discovered it is rather deep. I am going to go and get some drawing ointment to see if this will help remove the evil splinter. We did what the links recommended below and they even mention the drawing ointment, so will see if that holds the answers.

Here are some links that might help you remove a splinter:

It was sad to see your little one cry and be very upset, although a little upset to remove a splinter is worth it. Pity that Lillian was so upset, as said we decided to see if the ointment will work its magic and help her. Will let you know how it goes. Have you had this happen to you? Do you have a unique way to soothe a child so that you can remove a splinter? Is there distraction tactics that you have used that have worked? Send in your comments so that we can all learn.

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Update: Drawing ointment purchased and now will put on child when she gets home from pre-school.

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