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Not long to go before Christmas Day and of course something that the twins are asking for I could not find. I searched and searched and could not find it. One place did stock it locally, however they were out and were going to get new stock. This new stock would have taken a week or so to get here and of course I would miss Christmas. Why did I not notice they had it before. Typical really. At least I know where to go in the future.

I thought why not use the power of Facebook. Yes nearly everyone is on it, and some of my mates from school, family and of course people that I used to work with. I asked the question of what I was looking for and you would never guess. One of my school friends managed to save the day or Christmas actually!

She knew what I needed, She was in the right area and in the shops at the time the update on Facebook came up. I saw her comment to my status and then all was organised. She purchased the goods, and what made things even better was that she was going to be working near by. All I had to do was go and pick them up and give her the money that she spent.

Have you used the power of social media or your network to solve a dilemma or get a needed item. If so what and how well did it work? Was it for a present, a surprise or just for you? Let me know. I am just so amazed at the good timing and how the right message to the right network at the right time can make all the difference.

The kids will be so amazed that they got what they wished for. Three more days to go before the living room floor is covered in wrapping paper. I am getting excited to see the girls faces. I still have to wrap them so they can be unwrapped. Have you got it all sorted?

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