Testing Tumbling


Today we are off to a free tumbling clinic for the kids.  I am keen to see if the girls like it, and when we have more money maybe we can have them go. Not energised to get out of the house as it looks cold and is very windy. Current temperature is:

  • Current temp: 5.4°C
  • Feels like: 0.4°C
  • Humidity: 93%
  • Rainfall since 9am: 13.8mm
  • Wind: W 32km/h
  • Wind gusts: 50km/h

So as you can see being inside is much more sensible, however it is good for the kids to run around and be active. After the tumbling we are off to see Opa and Nana, who are now local for a couple of months. The girls were so happy to see Nana they asked her to fix four toys on Monday, it was lucky she was able to do that. Thanks Nana (Mum)

What are you all doing today? Have you participated in any school holiday fun?

Here are some links that might help with activities during school holidays (Some links might be more for Sydney, however you can apply the same to your city):

Hope you are having fun and send in your ideas for keeping active these school holidays. Send in your comments.

Update: The girls were not keen on tumbling to my utter dissapointment. Both girls do the same things that tumbling offered, however when presented with it, they just stared and looked pained at the instructors. Maybe when they are older. The twins have an excellent sense of balance and Lillian needs more exercise for her foot, so it would have been a good idea. Glad it was a free lesson today and we did not pay for it. If they had liked it we might have seen what we could have organised. Might address it again next year. What a pity, I think I was more excited about it than the kids were.

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