Term 3 Eve


I cannot believe it is term 3 already, well it will be tomorrow.  As you would have guessed the kids are in their bedroom, making a mess and playing. At 8pm they were still not sleeping. I would have thought that they would have been asleep by then. I really tried to exhaust the twins today, and I thought I succeeded, but I obviously failed.  Finally now at 9.04pm, they are passed out and looking so cute and adorable in their beds. Yes in their own beds (this does not always happen).

Today we went to the shops, to the park and then went to see Ice Age 4.  The kids were very well behaved in the movies. Julia sat in her seat for most of the film and Lillian also. Near the end, Lillian got out of her chair and decided to sit on Nana’s lap. Julia also decided she wanted cuddles and I had Julia on my lap.

I hope the girls wake up at the right time for school tomorrow as I want to make sure that we are on time. Mummy is keen to have the day to get some things done around the house. I need to sort out the girls clothes – give away clothes that are not fitting correctly, chuck out ones that are worn and not worth giving away and resort the draws. It is a big job and one that cannot be done with kids around. Also want to sort and put away all the washing and tidy some of the house. Not sure if I will have time for it all but want to make a start.

I am very pleased girls are going back to pre-school, not only is it a sanity saver, the girls get so much out of school. The twins need to be stimuatled by so many things, and school is great for them. It allows them to do so many new tasks, learn and mix with other kids. At the end of school days the girls are normally very tired, but you won’t hear them say that. Mostly it is “No I am not tired!”

Are you another happy mummy that school is back tomorrow? Lunches are packed and will organise their clothes and school bag before I go to bed. Want to be extra sure that we are organised for tomorrow. I know this view of being super excited about school going back is not for all, some are upset to see the kids go back to school.

I do understand that a bit. I am slowly realising that this year has gone very fast and next year is the girls last year of pre-school and then they will be at big school (Kindy). It is flying by, and my cute little babies are no longer, they are little girls now, who are going to be off to big school before I know it. However the big school will allow mummy to get more done and maybe get a part time job. Who knows. Send in your comments.

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