T Day is Tomorrow


For those that don’t know the T in the title of this post stands for tonsils. The twins are going to hospital to get them out. Yes both kids are getting it done. 2013 has been the year of the tonsils and I am hoping that 2014 will be the year of health and fitness.

As you can see the Year of the Tonsils has not been celebrated, it really was a year to get annoyed and frustrated that again someone got tonsillitis. Having tonsillitis with one child is not as bad as you might think, and they get over it. If you have two kids one gets it then gives it to her sister and so on. A full year of gift giving tonsillitis to each other. As you might imagine it is not a joy to behold, and constant trips to the doctors where now when I ring, they say, “Oh it’s the twins!” I don’t know if it is a good thing to be so recognised at the doctors, what do you think?

Tomorrow is T Day, Tonsillectomy Day, or Ta Ta to the Tonsils. The kids I have been told will be in separate rooms. Not good but that is the way the rooms at this hospital is set up. Hubby has the day off tomorrow but cannot stay the night due to work the next day. I will stay and be there for the girls in case they wake or need a cuddle and reassurance.

When I called to check how me staying over works I also asked what they will feed them after surgery. I was then told it would be toast. I said, “Toast! Why would you feed them that! You do know what surgery they have just had. There throat will be red raw!”

The lady on the phone said that they give them toast so that if they do bleed or have a complication they have it at the hospital. Oh great. My already fussy or should I say extremely fussy eaters will be offered toast after surgery. I’m sure that will not end well.

I’m packing a cool bag with soft cheese, yoghurt and other things that they might be more inclined to eat. I also asked why they did not feed them jelly or ice cream, and was then told that they have not done this in years. Geez, way to make me feel old!

I am very worried and nervous about the whole thing. I hope that tomorrow goes well and the girls don’t get too upset. I hope that all goes well with the operation and they recover quickly. I’m sure they will be fine, however as mummy I am stressing out as I know what they are in for. I had my tonsils out when I was three and it hurt. However it did not cause an issue and I don’t remember it taking that long to heal. My dad was a joker at the time and decided to try and get me to talk. I had to write things down and to not speak. This made mum get annoyed at him and he just laughed. This is one great memory I have of my father, being silly when I was sick.

Wish me luck that all goes well. We all have to be at the hospital for 7am so an early start for everyone. I hope to be online tomorrow but if I am silent I will be at the hospital with the kids. Talk soon.

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  • Mama Carmody
    January 21, 2014

    Saying a prayer for all of you. I’m sure things will go well. I ate a piece of (unchewed) Italian bread the day I came home from getting my tonsils out. I was two and they sat my highchair a little too close to my dad’s plate. We were having spaghetti which was fine but they had Italian bread and they didn’t give me a piece (for obvious reasons). I snatched it off my dad’s plate and popped it in my mouth. Mom said she made the mistake of loudly proclaiming, “No, don’t!”, which caused be to swallow it without chewing it. (They weren’t getting my piece of bread) Mom was sure that I would be in pain later that evening or possibly cause my throat to bleed but there were no bad side effects (and I got my bread!) Hope it goes as well for your girls.

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