Sydney Festival 2018 – Experience Something Fun


Summer in Sydney means hot weather, and also means that we will be entertained by Sydney Festival.

The Sydney Festival is on from 6th of January until the 28th of January 2018.

There are many free events and workshops, some that don’t cost a lot of money.

You can pick family-friendly events or whatever takes your fancy and immerse yourself in the fun of the city, shows, culture, art and much more.  The Sydney Festival has a great vibe and feeling, such a fun atmosphere.

Check out the list of free and cheap events at The Sydney Festival

One free event for kids and adults is the Jurassic Plastic workshops. You can create new toys from discarded toys.

“Jurassic Plastic is art for both kids and grown-ups – a fun exercise in creativity and “nostalgia, while contemplating mass consumerism. Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji recycles and reinvents unwanted plastic toys into colourful ‘Toysaurus’ dinosaur sculptures and landscapes.”

Saturday the 13th of January the family and I are off to see Model Citizens from Circus Oz.

I’m very excited to show the kids how clever the acrobats and entertainers are in Circus Oz. They zip up ropes and climb items with no trouble. I suppose this is what years of practice does and being super fit doesn’t hurt either.

Below you can see the what Model Citizens is all about.  I bet the kids will be so thrilled, they will not want to look away during the show in case they miss anything.

Thanks so much to The Sydney Festival for our tickets to see Model Citizens. More images and review on the blog about the show.

Do you love The Sydney Festival? I do, there is so much to do.

Having accessible events for families and also free options helps everyone participate in this great festival.

Mind you it is not just for families, there are things that are just for adults too.

Check out all the fab things you can do, the festival is also spread across multiple venues around Sydney, which means that more people can go due to it not just being in the city.

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