Sunday Lunch

Bruschetta at Crinitis

Bruschetta at Crinitis

The blog lunch yesterday was a hit. I met some lovely ladies and had a nice relaxing lunch. Anything is nice and relaxing without kids.
I could be just sitting under a tree and if it is without any interuption it is a nice moment. Don’t get me wrong. I love kids and the girls but some quiet time and of course me time is needed every now and then.

The day was extremely hot and when I arrived to Parramatta it was 35.6 degrees so that is 96.08 fahrenheit (Very hot). I do like the heat but not when my car is out of air conditioning. I had to have all the windows down to have some air flow through the car.

I arrived and finally found a park at the local shopping centre and then walked to the resturarant. On arrival I was asked if I wanted a drink and as it was very hot of course I said yes. The down side of it being so hot was that I did not check the cost of the drinks as it was rather pricey to say the least.

One of the other bloggers ordered some bruschetta and it came on a pizza base. It was so yummy and moreish I could have just eaten more and more of that actually.

I ended up eating a salad as I am trying to watch what I eat and of course if you have been a reader of the blog noticed that I am trying to be slinky with the Project Slinky on and not going to fail until I drop as much as I can before May next year.  The salad was supposed to have heirloom tomatoes, basil, tuna, and chili but it was nearly all tomatoes and just a hint of tuna and not even worth listing it as an ingredient. However what I had in the bowl was tasty and enough for the time being.

It was nice to hear about others blogs, and lives and what is working for them. Keen to have another opportunity to network soon.

While driving home on the radio there were advertisements for a shop called pillow people. From the advertisement it was a place where they match you to the ideal pillow so that it can relive snoring and other issues. I could not make this connection and just had visions of actual pillow people trying to serve me in a shop. I have these amazing fantasies about things and then I cannot help but think of them as animations or actual weird people that should be in a kids show. Does this happen to you? Or is it just me?

Also while on the way home I tried to get some cotton for a dress that I am dying to take up as it is too long, but every shop I went to was closed. Very annoying. Now my car is sick and needs fixing. Maybe it was the big drive yesterday that hurt it. I have been told that it cannot be driven and needs to be fixed. Not sure how long I will have to wait for this to happen, and how this will impact me getting kids to and fro for school. The girls go to school two suburbs away so will need to drive as that is the fastest way. Maybe I will need to catch the train, although this will make sure to suck my whole day to myself away while waitng for public transport. Not good at all.

Anyways, I enjoyed the lunch and the food and the company was great. The place was well staffed although rather pricey.

If you would like to go to Crinitis, here are their details: 291 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

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