Sun = Laundry and Playtime


A sunny day with no clouds in the sky, just brilliant! What a great thing to wake up to. If I was not a mother and had a tidy organised house, then it would be off to go walking by myself, oh the joys. Although I can still go out walking which I think I will do, although it will be with kids in the pram. The girls are bigger and probably don’t need to be in the pram, however over a long distance they would get tired. I am not a pack horse and cannot carry bags, shopping, and then two kids to boot. So the pram is the best alternative for walking with kids.

While my focus has been on the nice day, my other focus is getting my washing done. I see sun and say, “I must do some washing”, I have done 3 loads already, the first 2 are on the line and other is still in the machine. The weather report shows that today and tomorrow will be sunny, so I have a good chance to finish the washing. Then sorting and putting it away is the other big job.

You might say, that is the last thing you would do on a nice day, what a waste, WASHING. Well as a mother and one that lives in an area that has had rain nonstop rain, sunny days are rare, and you need to pounce on these to get it all done. I know it is boring, and mundane, however I don’t have a housework fairy to help me.

Wouldn’t that be nice, a housework fairy. You could tell the fairy what you need done, No the fairy would just know, housework fairies just understand your needs (they are good like that). You could then go out and enjoy the sun filled day and relax. If only this was possible. Maybe in the future we will have housework robots that you could programme; you would come home to a nice clean, organised house. I can only dream.

It is not just me that is excited to get their laundry done on a fine day like today, I have spoken to at least four people and they have all rushed off to get it all done. It must be the change in me since having children that fine days are not only play days, they are laundry days as well. What do you do on a sunny day? Do you race off to do your laundry if it has piled up? Or do you forget about it and enjoy the day? Send in your comments.

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