Popular Wine For the Holidays


Have you ever wondered what wine variety is the most popular in Australia? I have. According to this infographic from Wine Selectors, it seems like a Chardy and Shiraz are highly popular in Australia. Not really surprising with the Chardonnay. When I was little it seemed everyone drank this wine.

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We are not the largest producer of wine in the world. This honour belongs to Italy, however, we do produce enough to satisfy everyone in Australia and more!

With the holiday season fast approaching what is your favourite drop?

I do like a nice Rosé on a hot summer day, or it could be a nice Sauvignon Blanc.  I am also partial to a nice red so a Shiraz or a Merlot depending on how I feel.

I might be having a nice drink after I brave Westfield for last-minute Christmas shopping.  Yes, I am crazy, hubby, the twins and I need to go to the big shopping centre for more choice. No way of getting out of it. I hope all goes well! Wish me luck. I do love going there, just not when it is so busy!

 Learn more about wine with the below infographic:

Australian Wines Lowdown | Wine SelectorsThis infographic has been researched & developed by Wine Selectors.
The Image Credit can be found here at Australian Wines Lowdown 2014 Infographic – Wineselectors


Remember: Drink in moderation and a little bit is okay. A good tip to stay hydrated is to have a glass of water or non-alcoholic drink in-between glasses or have a break. Make sure to eat as well! Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your time with friends and family.


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