Playdough and collage Fun


This June long weekend has been wet and cold. What do you do with kids with this kind of weather? Yesterday the hubby and I made some wonderful playdough, blue this time instead of the pink that is constantly requested.  We used the recipe from McKenzie’s Cream of Tartar for playdough as it gives a nice smooth fluffy feeling, I used to use the recipe on the side of the food dye box but have found this one with cream of tartar is far superior. The recipe calls for you to put it over the stove, however we just put hot water mixed with the food dye and mixed it in a bowel and added more flour if it needed it.  I urge you to give it a go; I think you will be very surprised at how brilliantly it turns out.

I have a box, called the “collage box” that keeps decorations, paper, glue and other things that can be stuck on paper to decorate it. I have taken to keeping paper that is pretty and other cute things for later collage masterpieces.  We did a bit of collage and had the box out when the playdough was used. The girls got creative with their snowmen and added sparkles, eyes, and other things to make unique pieces of art. Both snowmen are still on the dining room table to dry out.

Let us know what you think of the girls wonderful art, I think it is just very clever and creative, however I am their mother and supposed to think that.

Playdough Snowmen

Playdough Snowmen


What have you done on a rainy day to keep kids entertained? Do you have any great craft ideas? Send in your comments.

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