No school today


Not happy at all, found out after we all turned up to school that it is closed for today only. After I got up early feeling sick, had coffee (yes that is right, this week is powered by coffee, today it was my last green coffee), got everyone breakfast, packed school bags, dressed, brushed and put hair up after tears from the girls (not me).

I was told that I was called and emailed. I have checked and there appears to be no messages from the school. Must double check my contact details as they might have them wrong, don’t want to make this mistake again. The school said that they put a message on their answer machine, but why would I ring the school to get this message. I did not know there was an issue.

It did look wrong, we were the only people turning up and we were early. I managed to find a parking space easily and this is not something that can be done in the hours for school drop off. I was very pleased with myself and did not think the school was closed or anything like that, just thinking how skilful I was being early and parking right outside the school. You would think that this would be a sign that there was something wrong.

I was told that the big tree that is near the front gate dropped many branches on the fence and the front part of the school. Last Friday when this happened all kids and parents were inside, which was lucky. The school was told that it would be fixed on Monday so they decided to close for the day. However the branches were made safe and work was done either on Friday or the weekend. So today it is safe, although arrangements were made to notify students so no point changing everyone’s arrangements again.

To top it off, my throat is feeling terrible, I am not well and bed is looking better and better. Julia is a little bit of a sniffle and coughing so we managed to get a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  Getting this doctor’s appointment was a task in itself. I rang 3 different medical centres, one I have my name down for a waiting list, and the other one said they can fit me in on Friday. Today is Monday. Why would I want to wait till Friday to see a doctor that I need to see NOW! This medical practice then told me that you need to plan to be sick. I told them, that is crazy and what do I do if I have kids that are sick? They even told me that I can come in and sit around all day. Yes, that is what I want to do, sit around a medical centre waiting room all day with 2 kids, and I might not even see a doctor.

YES, YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!, I have an afternoon appointment further down the mountain and very pleased we managed to get this appointment; I cannot believe how difficult it is to see a doctor here.  No wonder people go to the hospital to use the emergency services, medical centres don’t give people the option, and if you are ill you cannot wait 5 days for an appointment.

Other than the fact that I am annoyed that my day is now not what I had planned, at least school is on tomorrow and the issue of the tree has been fixed. Now I think today is going to be a play day with the kids and I will work tomorrow and the next.   Just a pity that I miss this day as next week is the last week at school before Easter Holidays.

What have you done when you find out school is closed/not on for a variety of reasons? How has this affected your day? If you work I can imagine it causes chaos. I know I am not working in a paid position; however there are things that still need to get done, cleaning, organising, university work and other things.

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