Nearly September & Hope Things Get Better

It is nearly September and the weather is slowly warming up. I say slowly as the nights are very cold still and we have had also had gale force winds to boot. Today it is sunny with brilliant blue skies. I have taken to cleaning windows and airing out the house, maybe I know that spring cleaning is a thing that is going to happen soon and I am getting a head start. In a few weeks, my girls will be turning 12. Yep, they will be 12 years old! It is so hard to believe that my little babies are so grown up. They are keen to start their next phase of learning, but also excited and scared at the same time to go to high school next year. Both girls have grown taller, more independent, and have been rather frustrating due to being in the pre-teen phase…actually it is like they are turning 20 or older rather than 12. I suppose many parents go through this phase before their child/children hit puberty and become teenagers. We’ve been dealing with grumpy, argumentative, and kids who are taking great pleasure in ignoring their parents. It is also sad that this year has had so many cancellations. The girls missed out on a camp due to the fires, and now COVID has cancelled basically everything that the girls were excited about this year. When the girls were born it was during the GFC and that was a tough year on everyone and now 12 years later we have another economic disaster due to a global pandemic. I do hope that in another 12 years we don’t have another downturn. The girls are hoping that the school can give them a proper year 6 farewell in term 4 but I think that due to the current restrictions this farewell will be rather different. I have explained to the twins that there is not much I can do about this and I do understand how devastated they are. If we can I would love to take the twins and the family somewhere to celebrate at the end of the year but restrictions could put a stop to this. We cannot travel interstate and therefore all that is available to us is to travel within New South Wales. I personally wish to go to a beach but hubby believes that it will be packed and would like to stay away from the crowds. I did hope by September we would be in a better situation regarding the virus and how it is affecting the economy, jobs, travel and so much more. I wish that everyone would do what we are supposed to so that we can lift restrictions soon, however, there is no cure for COVID-19 and we will still need to be on high alert. Due to the uncertainty of the world and events, I have wavered between being rather down and depressed about everything, to then being positive about the possibilities that are in store for us all.   It is hard to plan and to achieve things when there are so many restrictions, it is hard to get a job when millions of others are applying for the same job. Well, it might not be millions but feels like it. I feel at the moment as the more you try the less you get and the harder it is…no one is getting back to you regarding jobs that you apply for, perfect roles that you tick all the boxes for and you don’t even get a phone call or interview.   Events that you have been so excited for are not happening, schools are cancelling everything and even concerts are now on Zoom! I’ve recently had a live event emailed to me but it is also now a Zoom event.  I do understand that this is due to the current restrictions but it takes the fun for me out of it. Have you been at a loss with what to do to make things better this year? Have you been applying for thousands of jobs to get nowhere? Or have you been super lucky and got a job. I am grateful that we are all healthy and have a roof over our head, and also happy that our government is helping us financially. This time at home has meant that there has been more work done on my shed. If you don’t know my shed is going to be my office space and creative place to work on my blog, sew, and also write.   I do hope that it will be finished soon so that I can get on with my dreams and ideas.
Maybe due to the nature of this year, I have lost momentum or otherwise called my mojo.  
Have you found that the more you stay at home the more you don’t want to do things or go places? Don’t get me wrong I would be the first one to sign up for an island family getaway, but I am not sure when that will be possible. I think I need to unsubscribe from some travel companies as they are constantly emailing me fabulous holidays that I can book now… however I am in New South Wales and cannot travel to these places.
It feels super cruel and evil to email someone that cannot travel and has no money to go stunning holidays all the time.
So with a house that is in desperate need of a HUGE Spring clean and a birthday to plan I have a lot to do but no motivation to do any of it. I do think that having many clones of myself would be helpful right now, by others could be cleaning and organising while I am relaxing. Have you found 2020 hard for your motivation? I do admit that this year has been super stressful and difficult, and I hope that we get to the other side and come out without losing everything we have worked so hard to build for us and our kids. Wish me well for creating a fantastic birthday cake for the twin’s 12th birthday. The girls only want a small party this year so I will only do a few things to make it special for them.

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