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Yes another sunny wonderful day today, I am very proud of myself that I managed to do 2 loads of laundry before we left the house and nearly all was dry when we got home.

As it was sunny, we thought that we would take off to Australia Walkabout Park, we had a Cudo voucher that was going to expire. I bought it thinking that it would be great for the girls to see all different animals in their habitat. I am so glad that the weather was good and we were able to use the voucher before it expired. We raced around, got ready and packed our bag.

Julia was out of sorts all day, and we think it was due to the heat, she was moody, wanting cuddles and everything was an issue. Lillian seemed fine.  My car has no air conditioning and we think it needs to be re gassed, it has to wait currently so we aired the car with the windows down. Not great, but it works, the only annoying part is when you have to stop it gets very hot.

We finally arrived to the wildlife park at about 1pm and all had some lunch. The girls saw an emu or two walking around the eating area, and they were amazed at them. Behind the cafe is the koala enclosure and the girls could not see them moving, as they were fast asleep. After lunch we all went to the talk about the diamond python, who is called Neil, (Neil Diamond, someone at this park has a sense of humour). The girls were not interested in touching the snake, petting it, or have it pretend you were a tree and lounge on you. I was not into it and was happy to look also. There were some brave kids and adults that allowed their body to be a tree for Neil the snake. I just could not do it. This idea got met with “NO, YUCK!” by both the girls. So I take it they feel the way I do and so does daddy about this. Happy to watch.

After this we all went off for a bit of a bush walk and ended up at the Tasmanian Devil talk. These creatures definitely should not be messed with, they have heaps of teeth that seriously could do you some damage. Since the weather was very hot, they were not that keen in coming out from their cool log. There was a brief moment when one came out with the coaxing from the ranger with meat and holding the devil in a position that was not cruel but would not allow the animal to eat the ranger either.

We saw koalas being fed, emus, the girls saw kangaroo’s eating and they patted them and were very taken with them. We made sure that they were safe and was around just in case. All in all it was a good day; it was long and a tiring day, the girls saw and animals and had a great experience. So glad it was hot, a taste of what summer should have been. I wonder if we will get more weather like this.

I have only now checked the weather for the week ahead. What a sad state of affairs, the follow is the predication for the week ahead (weather taken from Sydney Morning Herald Weather):

Late shower
Min: 15°C Max: 24°C
UV: Extreme

Possible shower
Min: 12°C Max: 18°C
UV: Extreme

Possible shower
Min: 12°C Max: 17°C
UV: Extreme

Possible shower
Min: 12°C Max: 16°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 10°C Max: 16°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 10°C Max: 16°C

Possible shower
Min: 10°C Max: 17°C
UV: –

How disappointing that the weekend is probably the only sunny warm weather that we might have in a while. Let’s hope that the weather people have got it wrong.

When we came home from the wildlife park, I changed the sheets on our bed and the girls beds. Now the only washing I have to do is the sheets and some clothes from today. So that is good news. Aside from sorting, ironing and putting away.

There are 3 more days until the girls go to pre-school orientation; I am so excited that you would think it is me going to school. I hope it is a fun time at the school, not sure what will be discussed and shown for future students, but keen to find out. Now need to get my finger out and start the sewing project for their pants.

I hope you all had good adventures this weekend and that the weather was good. I hope that the weather is going to be sunny and warm tomorrow, I will hope for it. What did you all get up to this weekend? We managed to find some A3 paper from Officeworks this weekend for the kid’s art, so maybe tomorrow we will paint or draw. What have you got organised?

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