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Lately the girls have been having a shower with me (mummy), as it gives them a wash and I also get a shower too.  After this has occured and we are on our way to get into dry, fresh clothes Julia has done a wee wee. I explained that she can use the potty that I have all ready to go in the hall way just in case. I know sounds terrbile. But they are clean and as you expect with 2 little people you cannot know when you will need it. Also as I am wanting them to go to the potty and eventually get out of nappies, I want to get them used to doing it then graduate to the toliet.

To my amazement, Julia then took it upon herself to get the potty and do the rest of the wee wee in the potty. She was very pleased with herself and was rewarded with a sticker for her potty chart. She currently now has more stickers than Lillian. Lillian did sit on the potty today and the last couple of days when this happened, but nothing eventuated. I still think that it was a good try and the more it happens, the more likely it is that something will happen.

I was stressed out before and worried that the girls will not be toilet trained by 3 years of age, the reason I want that to be the magic number is the girls can then attend pre-school. Once enrolled in pre-school I have some more time for me, or anything else I may want to do. Even if it is probably cleaning.

I am just very pleased and proud that since I have backed off a bit, she is doing it on her own accord. Will see if it happens more often and if Lillian continues to follow. I can only keep on trying and see what happens.

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