Little performers


Yesterday we spent the day with great aunty Jean and Grandma. We went shopping and had lunch out. I even was able to do some secret Easter shopping for the girls, although still need to get the eggs.

After shopping we all went back to Jean’s place to get ready for dinner and the exciting part was daddy was joining us as well. The girls were going all day since 7am so I was hoping that they might rest at this stage. This was not to be so. They ran around the house, and were creating games at every turn.  I was pleased that they were happy and would sleep well that night as we had a big day.

Dinner was lovely and one of daddy’s favourites; however it was not a hit with the girls. They pushed it away and said that it was yucky, and they did not want it. We explained that there was no other choice for dinner and this was it. If they were hungry they would eat it. Still no go.

It was only with the idea of missing out on dessert (ice cream and jelly), that they thought that it might be an idea to eat a little of the dinner. We said that if they make an effort and have some more then they can get desert. It was not a great effort but both girls had more than they would have. So they ended up with desert, although the downed the ice cream very quickly and left the jelly.

After dinner, the girls got up on a raised area that they call the stage and gave us all a performance. It was a very interesting show indeed, we had performances from Chuggington, Angelina Ballerina, and the girls did some dancing. I asked the girls if they can share some of their songs with us and they stood on the stage and sung us all the songs they knew, even one that a boy at school taught them which has a funny ending. They are such little performers; they even sold tickets and were setting up the props for the show.  This was not the first time we had a show on this stage, last time the girls were there they did a playschool show, it was mostly singing into pretend microphones.

I must say they are very creative; it makes us all think they are going to be in the theatre or something similar.  Who knows, it is probably just the age they are. Does your child perform for guests or you? Everything is so detailed with the girls, they have stories for everything, what about your child?

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