Lack of Kid’s Food at Events

Hot Chips

Hot Chips

Why is it when you go out to events, you can never find kid friendly food. All food that is available is unhealthy and deep fried, or it is covered in chocolate and not a good choice to eat for lunch.

I don’t understand why there is no option to have a Vegemite sandwich, this my girls would have eaten gladly, why is there no cheese sandwiches, milk drinks, juices and the like. I could go on. My kids are fussy enough but to then be surrounded by things that I really don’t want them to eat for lunch is just terrible.

If you have an event you should be made to supply proper food for that target audience. If it is a kid’s event, kid’s food and healthy choices should be mandatory. If you are surrounded by junk and stuck at an event, you end up buying junk.  Then how do you tell your child not to eat it when you happily purchased it for them.

I know this is a rave, but with all the press about obesity why do we get confronted still with such unhealthy choices. Maybe it is a conspiracy from suppliers to get the new target audience hooked on their product, not sure but you never know.

Do you have issues with food at kid’s events? What do you do to make sure your kids eat well? We try to bring a picnic or a packed lunch mostly; however there are times when we think that as it is a kid’s event there will be ample choice available. This has backfired on us big time. I will make sure to pack a lunch at all times for the kids in future.

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  • Mama Carmody
    February 3, 2013

    I guess it depends on how often you go out to special kids’ events. We never did them very often so we didn’t mind letting our kids indulge in junk food on occasion. I believe they can learn it’s an exception, not the way we usually eat because it wouldn’t be healthy to eat that stuff all the time.

    • Suzanne
      February 3, 2013

      Yes that is very true and we do the same, but on the odd occasion we are stuck somewhere where they say that there is food for kids, so we don’t pack a lunch. We look at the food available and see that there is nothing my fussy kids will eat. They do eat hot chips and love them, so we end up getting them. We do agree that it is a sometimes food and not allowed all the time. We make sure the twins eat well. I just think that there should be some basic sandwiches and juices so it makes it simple for parents and kids who don’t eat. Thanks for the comment, great points made.

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