J for Julia or Jean


Today we have had a very long day. Up at 3.30am to get to Maraylya to drop the girls off at their Great Aunties and Cousin’s and pick up Grandma and Grandad to drive to Albion Park for a funeral. It was a very sad day as James’ Aunty Emily had passed away. She had a great long life, 94 years young. I hope to make it to that age. 

It was decided that the girls would not be happy about the length of the journey so Julia and Lillian had a day with Denise, Kim and Jean. The girls were kept busy, feeding the horses and playing with them, playing and talking to the birds and the dogs. There is a lot of room to run around at Kim’s and Denise’s so that is ideal for the girls as we have a small house so more space for them to exhaust themselves is wonderful.

When we came back at about 6pm, the girls were in their porta cots asleep. Great, they have had such a full day they are tired. We ended up being invited to dinner, we were just waiting for the girls to wake up.

While we were waiting Jean was telling us of what they got up to. Watching the Tinker Bell movie 5 times and other wonderful adventures like feeding the horse carrots. Jean was said that Julia noticed that she had a letter J on her necklace. Julia said J for Julia. Then said J for Jean. This took Jean by surprise as Jean did not mention this to Julia before, she just came out with it herself.

Other than a very sad day saying a final farewell to Emily it was good that the girls worked off some energy and spent time with their great aunties and the rest of the family. It is also nice to think that Julia is taking in the letters that we have showed her and that she understood that J was for Jean as well. What a clever little girl I have.

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