I am bigger than you


Yesterday while at lunch with the family, the girls found a playroom for kids. This playroom was not much at all. It was small, and only had 2 things to play with; a toy house, and big Lego blocks.

In this playroom was a bigger kid who was about half an arm taller than the girls. This boy decided to tell the girls that he was bigger than them. Julia and Lillian told him that they were bigger than him. This kid did not like this and was not looking very happy.

James and I have told the girls that they don’t need to be scared of the boys at playgrounds, indoor centres and the like. We have told them that they just need to stick up for themselves and all will be o.k. If things get too bad, we have told them to come and get us.

Julia came and told me what was happening. I went in to make sure that everything was fine and no child was getting hurt. The boy walked up to me and said, “They say they are bigger than me”, I said “You are a big boy, and the girls are big girls”. This did not help his cause too much.

One thing that made me giggle was when the boy jumped on an ottoman, while saying, “I am even bigger now I am standing on this”, and then Julia jumped on it and said “I am bigger than you.”  I could sense the boy’s frustration. The girls think that when you say that someone is bigger than them, that they are not big girls (by big girls I mean, more grown up and not babies); they took it as an insult.

Have you had a situation that your child/children have told someone they are taller, bigger or something that they are not? How did you deal with this?


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