How to: Remove Lipstick & Nail Polish Stains

Spilt nail polish. Image courtesy of marin /

Spilt nail polish. Image courtesy of marin /

I was on the phone to my mum and the twins came to ask,”Can we paint our nails?” My response was not now and not today. They got angry and I told them that we can do it another day. During the phone conversation I smelt nail polish and of course one of the kids came to show me their handy work.

As you might have guessed I freaked out and promptly hung up the phone. They were painting their nails in their bedroom. They did lay a towel down but still managed to get it all over the carpet. YES THEY GOT NAIL POLISH ON THE CARPET!

Since they have done this before and managed to get it all over their clothes I have learnt that soap and water is not the thing to get it out. In fact soap and water sets the nail polish and makes it impossible to get out.

I read on the internet that dabbing the area with a bit of nail polish remover can help lift the nail polish. I tried this with the carpet and it worked a treat. Yes the spots of bright red, and purple nail polish was gone. Cream carpet was restored.

After I used the little bit of nail polish remover I washed it the area with a cloth and dried the area with a towel to soak up the wet area on the carpet.

The nail polish remover that I used was Manicare Extra gentle and it had no acetone. This post is no way related or in conjunction with Manicare. I just wanted to share what has worked in case your little ones get the urge to paint their nails or more likely the carpet.

The other issue that has happened with the carpet was purple lipstick marks all over our carpet in our room. Of course this was not me or hubby and was down to the twins again. The stains came out due to some elbow grease and the great Sard Wonder Soap. (Sard Wonder Soap has no idea that I am singing their praises, all I wanted to do is to share so that you too can have spotless carpet!) Thank god it all worked as my carpet in the kids room and ours is a cream colour. Bright purple and red spots would not have been great.

Have you had issues with your kids marking your carpet? Have you decided to ditch the white lounge or white carpet due to this? What in your house is now a different colour due to the kids?

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