Housework and an outing


Before we went out I asked the girls to clean the living room up. This did not happen until Daddy supervised, although this quick job took nearly an hour to do. Why is it that asking kids to do tasks is so difficult? We got staring, crying, and just ignoring the situation to saying that it was all complete, when it was still a big mess.

We ended up getting the living room organised and eventually everyone was showered dressed and ready to get out of the house. All of us finally arrived at the Blackheath Wine Fair; the food looked interesting, seems like we missed the entertainment for the kids, and was looking forward to looking at local producers of wines and tasting some as well.

After we had lunch, well mummy and daddy did and the girls did not eat what I purchased for them, we made our way to the wine part of the fair. They had a $10/person entrance, this covered, a glass for tastings, the fee covered 2 tastings and you also got a bottle of water. It was then revealed to us that for every other tasting after the initial 2, you had to pay $1 each for the privilege.

I do understand that these people are in business, but to showcase your products at a fair by squeezing more money out of you is just annoying and expensive. I think that maybe having a flat fee for entry and allow people to test wines that they are interested in is the way to go. I personally think that if we liked a particular wine and it was not too expensive we probably would have bought it. To slug you with an extra cost to try the products is just rude in my opinion. I know that some people might abuse the fact that you can taste the wine at each stall, however isn’t that the business of selling wine? You have to showcase your product if you want people to buy, and this is a cost of the business that should be factored in to their marketing. So we decided it would be too expensive and a bottle of wine would probably be cheaper, so we left the wine fair.

I think we might have high expectations for events, as one that we went to for Easter Sunday with the girls was not what we expected. On Easter Sunday we went to the Everglades at Leura. It is a lovely garden and is just looking so pretty with the leaves changing colour. It was advertised that there would be an egg hunt for the kids and some other activities. When we got there the egg hunt was already under way. We were only about 10mins late and I thought that we would see it still happening; I assumed that there would be signs and people to ask. I was wrong. Could not find where we were supposed to be. So we missed it. We thought we would have lunch but there seemed to be nothing for kids to eat, not a cheese sandwich/vegemite or even a honey one at the place. So they ate a cupcake and we had to do the same thing as today, give them lunch when we got home. I was very disappointed as we paid $25 to get in and there was not much to do at all. We all had a great walk around the garden and the girls bumped into a friend from pre-school so that was nice.

Since we were in Blackheath we decided to take the kids to the park, both the girls ran around and had a great time. Lillian was pretending to put clothes on the line, and falling over all with a smile on her face. Julia was a bit out of sorts when her balloon burst in the car. It did not help when Lillian said she still had hers. Julia cheered up and not too soon after arriving she was having a ball as well.

We left the park and headed home, the girls finished a sandwich each, which was good since they had no lunch out. Then they were off for some quiet time. I was so exhausted that I had to have a lie down, then after waking I realised that I did not do something.

I had missed going to a party that I said that I would attend. I must have had a brain fail or something, as I knew about it the day or so before and today I totally forgot. I send a big sorry my friend so I hope she forgives me, and I will definitely be there for the next one.

As you can see we have had no luck with local events, and I have missed a party due to forgetfulness, how has your day/weekend been so far? Do you go to events and feel that they should have been better organised? Why is it that kid’s events don’t have proper food for kids? Send in your comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog

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  • trish van baast
    April 15, 2012

    I can see where you’re coming from – I object to paying to go into things like the quilting or caravan shows. They are trying to sell us something so why do we have to pay to be their customers?
    With the easter egg hunt, I guess they thought everyone that was coming was already there.

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