Hive of Activity

Hair by Lilly

Hair by Lilly

Today the kids and I have been busy with activities. First it was building blocks in the living room; we now have a fine looking tower and castle. Then we moved on to having a band with kitchen made instruments – pots, pans, and wooden spoons – I can tell you that it was a very noisy band that has no idea what the song was, but we had fun! After our music the girls decided to turn the instruments into pretend cooking,  I got many pretend items made for me and they were all delicious.

Now you might think that is enough, and kids might be tired for a rest or possible sleep? Well no!  They played in the backyard while I hung clothes out on the line (it is sunny here so best strike while we have sunlight), then the pots and pans were transferred to the dining room table for our feast (pretend feast). Lillian set the table and she was very clever doing so. We feasted on porridge, coconut, chips and some other things that I can’t remember.

I have also had my hair done by Lillian, you will see from my picture that I am show casing many stunning clips, very pretty indeed. Lilly was very happy with herself and thought I looked lovely, and she said so.

We have now made pink play-dough and they are in the living room playing with cookie cutters with the play-dough while watching Beauty and the Beast for the fourth time. Finally it is a time that they are so entranced in the film and what they are doing. Mummy can do mummy things, however mummy would like to have an afternoon nap, however hubby has come home very ill so the bedroom is off limits as he is resting.

Have you been busy with activity today? With your child/children or just with what you are doing? Hope you are having a good time. I am very tired, but will continue on.

Send in your stories about what activities keep your little ones occupied, and if they are ones that are not messy they are even better. 🙂

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