Growing Tastebuds

One of my girls made this all by herself. What a big girl she is.

One of my girls made this all by herself. What a big girl she is.

One of my girls seems to be more adventurous with food, not as much as I would like but she is doing well. Lately she has liked more vegetables and wants to have salads and so on. She is also more willing to try the food. Today this child had a Vegemite and honey sandwich and she ate it all. The other child is being a bit harder to convince to try anything other than a cheese sandwich.

It got me thinking, what is the strangest request you have gotten from your child for food? Was it the combination of putting it all together that made you think YUCK! Or no they will not eat it, but the kid surprised you and now it is a firm favourite.

I for one am glad that one child is expanding her diet and taste for new things. I just hope it will rub off on the other child. I’m sure it will in time.  Send in your stories of weird concoctions so that we can get inspired and have a laugh.

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I personally like nice mature cheese with apple on nice crusty bread. YUM!

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  • Mama Carmody
    May 7, 2013

    One thing I told my kids as they were growing up was to trying tasting things even if they have tasted them before and didn’t like them. I would tell them that as you grow up your tastes change and you will find that you start liking things that you didn’t like before. I would give them examples of things that I didn’t like when I was younger, such as egg rolls. I love them now but didn’t care for them at all when I was young.

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