For the Love of Tim Tams


I don’t know about you but I do love a Tim Tam (we have been purchasing the dark chocolate version – Love dark chocolate), especially if it has been in the freezer. Having the chocolate hard and crunchy just gives it that extra yumminess. When we have had Tim Tams in the house we have added them to the freezer, however we have an upside down fridge with the freezer on the bottom – all the more accessible for a toddler or small child.

As you can guess the girls were big on helping themselves to a Tim Tam here and there, so I decided to not purchase them anymore, this also is helping mummy as she wants to tone up and be a slinky yummy mummy! However I did say yes to purchase some Tim Tams last Saturday, due to Daddy being ill and Lillian also.

Julia was thrilled with me saying yes, and once we found the Tim Tams, she grabbed a pack hugged it like she was giving it a well-deserved cuddle and said, “Oh Tim Tams, How I have missed you!”  I was so taken back by this display of emotion for the Tim Tam I had to try so hard not to laugh. A woman walking past cracked a giggle and kept on walking.

The girls believe that Tim Tams are medicine so when you are sick give the patient many Tim Tams to make you better. I am sure that Arnott’s , the makers of Tim Tams would have you believe that, but after a bite of one I did feel better, pity about the diet.

Is there a special treat that your kids or you love? Where to you hide it so your little ones don’t scoff the lot. Send in your comments.

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