Don’t Neglect Your BBQ


Do you make excuses not to use the BBQ because it is dirty? Would the thought of cleaning it send you into a depressed funk and therefore it never happens?

Did you Know?

“1 in 3 Victorians would even throw their BBQ out if they hadn’t cleaned it for over a year.”

Jiff surveyed 1,000 people nationally and found that 95% think that the BBQ is an integral part of Aussie Culture, however they leave it dirty after use.

According to the survey 1 in 3 use their BBQ on a weekly basis, however cleaning the BBQ seems to take the backseat.

I must say we have left the BBQ dirty but have done a big clean to make it happy again. It now sparkles and is ready for our BBQ lunch with mates on Australia Day.

“It’s clear that BBQ neglect is rife, and as we approach Australia Day we want to keep our nation snag happy. If you’ve witnessed BBQ neglect, let us know. Please don’t leave it, Jif it” Paul Connell, Homecare Director Unilever ANZ.

It is a sad state of affairs that people would rather avoid hosting an Australia Day Party due to the effort it takes to clean the BBQ. Sad but true. The survey said this was 1 in 5 people. So that is 200 people that don’t want to tidy up to host a party.

I hope your BBQ is loved and tidy for the Australia Day celebration, if it is isn’t it won’t take long to spruce it up with Jif.

We are hosting a BBQ lunch at our house tomorrow and I need to purchase all the things that we need, aside from doing a quick tidy of the house.

Have a fun and safe day tomorrow and if you are having a BBQ I hope it is not on a neglected one.

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