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Do you get regular skin checks? I was very good but have let it slide for a few years. Naughty I know, but today I am off to have a once over at the skin cancer clinic. A doctor checks the freckles, moles and anything else that might be a concern to make sure it is not bad or might turn bad.

My local skin cancer clinic is easy to get an appointment and there is no need to get a referral. It is bulk bill – all you need is your medicare card (Just do a search for the local skin cancer clinic in your area). You just need to make the time and make the appointment. It might be something that saves your life. Living in Australia and being in the sun a lot you need to be conscious of protecting and looking after your skin. Easier said than done. I try my best but sometimes I don’t do as I should, probably like everyone else – Lets hope that my protection has helped.

What to watch out for on your skin - Graphic from

What to watch out for on your skin – Graphic from

I do try and wear suncream most days, but sometimes I forget. As a kid who grew up in Queensland and loved the sun I do have few freckles so the doctor might have a few things to look at. I am confident that there is nothing to worry about, and have been meaning to get an appointment for ages now.  I was very pleased that when I did ring I only waited a week or two and now have the appointment today.  I had the idea that I might have wait months and months for one, but was lucky indeed.

This is not a rant about it but just a heads up to anyone thinking about going off and getting looked at. It really does not take that long, a doctor just looks at your skin and makes sure that all is the way it should be.  If you are worried, better be safe than sorry and get checked. Easier to fix something small than something big.

This skin check might be different as I have to bring the twins with me. I think pens and colouring books is in order to keep them happy and occupied. I hope that works.

After my quick skin check, I am off to the post office to check the mail, the shops to see if I can locate more shorts for the hubby and then to the shops to get veggies, fruit and of course cheese so Julia can eat sandwiches again. Do you get the doctor to give your skin the once over? Have you done it with kids with you, and if so how did it go? Keen to get the check done so we can all go and look at the shops.

Have you gone to get a check to find that they found something and it saved your life? Send in your comments.

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