Bionade = Healthy Soft Drink Alternative


Disclaimer: The wonderful people at Bionade sent me a case of their healthy soft drinks to taste. I was asked if I liked them to tell people about them. I thought the drinks were a great alternative to regular soft drinks on the market, and they had different natural flavours. So naturally I had to share why I thought they were so good

Bionade Drinks I got sent

Bionade Drinks I got sent


Story behind Bionade


Dieter Leipold is the creator of Bionade. Dieter was the master brewer at Privatbrauerei Peter in Ostheim. The brewery was about to go bankrupt and he was very concerned about the brewery’s future.

The brewery made Rhön beer but sales were dropping off. Leipold had an idea for a healthy and tasty drink for children. The drink would be made all from natural ingredients, water, malt, sugar, and fruit essences.

Leipold managed to create a lab in his apartment and it was in the bathroom to be exact. He experimented for 8 years until he had the winning formula.


Success with fermentation process. Leipold isolated a strain of bacteria that converts the sugar into gluconic acid which allows less sugar to be used. Leipold has refused to reveal the chemical process that he used to create this reaction. (I don’t blame him)


The new natural soft drink gets a name, Bionade. What is the reason for the name? BIO for the fact that it uses a biotechnological process. NADE for an alternative to other soft drinks like, Limonade in Germany

Points from above are referenced from: You can read more about the Bionade story here.

As you can guess the brewery is now doing very well. The new organic soft drink saved the company and they are very successful.

Current flavours of Bionade Drinks:

  • Elderberry
  • Ginger & Orange
  • Herbs
  • Lychee
  • Organic Cola


What makes Bionade so different?

  • No artificial flavours
  • Brewed the same way as beer but contains no alcohol
  • All ingredients are organic – raw material and production
  • Different flavours and tastes
  • No preservatives
  • 100% certified organic in two ways:
  • Low in sugar, low in calories. Not sweet, but tangy and fruity.
  • Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Yummy Bionade Drinks ready to be consumed!

Yummy Bionade Drinks ready to be consumed!

What did I think of the Bionade Soft Drinks?

I loved the different flavours. My favourite was Elderberry, Herbs and Ginger & Orange. The other flavours are great and have been drunk as well. There is only a handful left in the fridge so that is a good outcome from a whole box. As I write this I am just finishing off a bottle of the Herb Bionade that I had with lunch.

The drinks are refreshing, don’t have a sickly sweet sugar taste and are very fresh. If you are looking for a different drink that is good for you and has no colourants! No preservatives! And no artificial flavours! Then I suggest you try a bottle and see for yourself.


Note: As stated I was sent a box of Bionade drinks to try and loved them. I wanted to share them with you, my lovely readers to let you know what a great drink Bionade is. This is a review from a mummy who has tried out the product, and hubby loved them as well!

Thanks so much Bionade for sending me a case of your great drinks. They were yummy and quickly disappearing from the fridge.

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