Being Grateful

Mummy and the girls in the snow

Mummy and the girls in the snow

We have all the standard issues; Bills we cannot pay, tired, commuting hours and hours to be at a job, and of course all the things you have to do when you have no time to do them. So I decided to list all the things that we have and that currently make us happy. Listing all the things that we as a family are grateful for is a good way to start feeling better about your own situation. So what is in my list?

  1. Health for all, hubby, me and the twins
  2. A roof over our heads
  3. Food in our bellies
  4. Happy kids that are fun to be with
  5. Smart kids that are desperate to learn more
  6. Grateful that we got twins first go, who could have wished for anything better
  7. Happy that I have my own car, it is great to have the freedom to go places with the kids
  8. Thankful that we have a computer and I have my own and don’t need to share
  9. Pleased and excited that I will complete university this year and graduate in the first part of 2013 (now need to be sending out positive vibes for the exam on the 15th of Nov)
  10. Family that love and support us
  11. Friends that love and support us
  12. Kids that love us and want us to be part of their lives
  13. Living in a nice part of the world that allow us to live our best lives (just wish it was closer to the city but you cannot have everything)

I cannot think of more, and I am sure more will come to me after I post this on the blog.  The inspiration to be grateful and thank people came from Shannon’s blog A Free Spirit Life, She has a blog post about Giving Thanks and as it is November she has a project called Thirty days of giving Thanks. I decided to give it a go. How about you? Is there someone that you wish to thank or list what makes you grateful about your life right now? After creating the list above I have felt happier and much calmer, give it a go and I am sure it will have the same effect for you.

I am thankful that my hubby works so hard and he does an excellent job looking after me and the girls. I know it is hard and he works very long hours. So here is my chance to say, Thank you from all of us.

Send in your comments and why not make a list and thank someone who is special to you.

3 Responses
  • Courtney @ One Fine Wire
    November 7, 2012

    Hi! I found your blog on Bloggy Moms and your twins are ADORABLE! So glad I dropped by 🙂

    If you get a chance, I’d love for you to stop by One Fine Wire – I currently have a great giveaway going on that’s perfect for the holidays!

    So nice to meet you 🙂

  • shannon
    November 8, 2012

    thank you for sharing this month with me!! xo

  • trish van baast
    December 30, 2012

    This is called counting your blessings for even those of us who are not religious. We all get stressed and the things we don’t have or all the things we still have to do tend to get you very down at times. So instead of focusing on the negatives, count up all the good things in your life to lift your spirits. My Mum said that we all get the blues – it’s part of our natural cycle – and as long as we are aware that it will pass and to help it pass, list all the good things in your life. You only have to look around to see that we are really very lucky. However, that lotto win would be welcome 🙂

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