A Day of Walking

Exercising my extra bits off. Picture by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Exercising my extra bits off. Picture by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today I did a bit of exercise. Maybe saying it was a bit is an understatement. I walked to the chiropractor, kids were in the pram, and pushing them now is definitely harder. After the chiropractor I walked to playgroup although very late, the girls had a bit of a play.

I tested an iPhone application called Endomondo and it was a great success. It was recommended by a friend, and she was right it is pretty cool. It gives you info on where you are going, elevation, can talk to you (keeping you motivated) and much more.

I did two walks with the kids and in total I have burnt 310 kcal. Would like to have burnt more, but it is a start. Maybe if the weather is good tomorrow I will go for another walk, crossing fingers.

Did you manage to fit in some exercise today? If not understand, it is hard with kids and other things on your plate. One great tip that Dr Oz and my friend said, “Just get moving”, and they are right. More action and activity is better than nothing. Even if it is not exactly what you had in mind, it is better than sitting down or not doing it at all.Send in your comments on how you moving?

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