Most Hackable Christmas Gifts


With Christmas fast approaching McAfee has announced their second annual list of Most Hackable Christmas Gifts

McAfee Most Hackable Christmas Gifts. Click on image to make image larger.

McAfee Most Hackable Christmas Gifts. Click on image to make image larger.

It might be no surprise but laptops and PC’s are the number 1 hackable gift according to Intel Security.

I have asked for a laptop this Christmas (Yes I have joined the ranks of asking for a digital toy this Christmas. I just hope that hubby if he has purchased one has protected it against hackers)..well I did ask for a hybrid tablet which can be a laptop with a keyboard and then detach and function as a tablet if you wish it to be. However my hubby believes I would get more use out of a laptop and insisted a laptop would be best. I think anything that would help me blog no matter where I am will be a bonus but I still have hybrid tablet envy. I want one.

Here are the top 5 Hackable Gifts as listed from McAfee:

1. Laptops and PCs
Laptops and PCs make great gifts, however, malicious apps targeting PCs are unfortunately common, and are not just limited to Windows-based devices.

2. Smartphones and Tablets
Survey results revealed that 65% of consumers plan to purchase either a smartphone or tablet this holiday season. Just like PCs and laptops, malware could result in personal and financial information being stolen.

3. Media Streaming Devices
Media players and streaming sticks have changed the way consumers enjoy movies and TV, but consumers can unknowingly invite a cybercriminal into their living room by failing to update their device.

4. Smart Home Automation Devices and Apps
Today’s connected home devices and apps give users the power to control their homes from their smartphone. Unfortunately, hackers have demonstrated techniques that could be used to compromise Bluetooth powered door locks and other home automation devices.

5. Drones
Drone sales are expected to grow to more than US$20 billion by 2022. They can provide unique perspectives when it comes to shooting video and photos. However, not properly securing the device could allow hackers to disrupt the GPS signal, or hijack your drone through its smartphone app.

Are you a whiz at making sure all your laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices are protected?

  • You need to make sure that you secure your device before you start using it. Having security software installed is a great idea. McAfee® Total Protection is a great solution to ensure your device is protected.
  • Only use secure Wi-Fi (people can steal passwords and info if the connection is not secure)
  • Make sure you keep all software up to date. Updates make sure that your system is protected from any new threats.
  • Don’t click on any link unless you know who it is from and you understand it is going to the real source. A good rule of thumb is to hover over the link to see where it is taking you. If it is not real you will see it in the address.
  • Strong passwords are recommended. A combination of capitals and lowercase letters plus with numbers in there as well.

If you are in doubt on how to protect your new electronic devices McAfee have tips to help protect your devices (scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more)

I hope this has helped you with your latest electronic purchase and keeps you safe online.

McAffee are offering you a discount of 40% on McAfee Total Protection. You get a 1 year subscription for 3 devices for $47.95. (Normally $79.95) Offer ends 25th Dec 2016. 

Oh and I am crossing my fingers and toes that I’m getting my long awaited for laptop for Christmas. I’m sure if hubby has purchased one he has already started making it secure for use on Christmas Day. He likes to have all programs ready to go, it all secure and updates done for software and of course charged ready for first use. (He has done this before so I know this is probably what he is staying up late doing)

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