A Happy Mother's Day


How was your Mother’s Day? Mine was lovely. The twins created cards at school and were very secretive about them. I was told not to touch their bags on Friday and that they will organize, well that is a first. It was only due to the cards being in the bags and the kids needing to find a place to put them so I will not see till Mother’s Day.

The twins secured a place for their secret surprise for me and I was told to stay away from the oven. The kids have a set of draws they call the oven and it is in their room. Not an actual oven. The surprises were put in the draws and I was told to stay away!  I did explain that when you hide things you don’t tell the person you are hiding the secret from where your hiding spot is. They did not get this and were more than happy to tell me where it was. Very funny!

The twins Mother's Day cards they made at school

The twins Mother’s Day cards they made at school

Yesterday morning I got woken by Julia excited about the cards and telling me to get up and go into their room so I can get the surprise. I went to their room with two very excited girls to be presented lovely sparkly cards that they decorated and wrote in themselves. I loved it and it is wonderful to have cards written in their own hand writing. They did a picture of something they like doing with mummy and underneath the teacher wrote what it was.

Lillian's card for Mother's Day

Lillian’s card for Mother’s Day

Each child’s picture and activity was different and very them. Lillian loves swimming with mummy and Julia loves reading stories and books. I thanked the girls for their excellent cards and told them how proud I was of them and keeping the secrets.   My clever girls are doing very well with their art and writing.  Did you get some great cards that were created by the kids? Did they have a lot of glitter on them? Mine did.

Julia's card for Mother's Day

Julia’s card for Mother’s Day

I then opened my presents to discover I have bright pink slippers and speakers for the computer. I have not had speakers for ages so finally getting some will be nice.

My stylish and warm pink slippers!

My stylish and warm pink slippers!

Yesterday we also visited family and had a lovely lunch with my nana, aunties, sister, mum and cousins.  It was a great day but a long one.

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you have a good day? Was it relaxing? Let us know.

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