WIN Class of 84 Board Shorts for Dad and Your Little One


The weather is getting warmer, and there are hints of spring and soon it will be my favourtie season, Summer!

Soon too we will be celebrating Father’s Day and to celebrate I have a wonderful giveaway from Class of 84 Clothing.

Class of 84 Clothing is giving 1 lucky reader the chance to win a matching set of boardies for dad and your little person.  You get to pick your style and also let us know the size.

As you can see there are so many fun styles available.

I love the fact that they are brightly coloured and have drawstrings that help the shorts stay up for little waists. 

Class of 84 sent Alexander the size 3 Mini Hundreds and Thousands, and they look fabulous on him. Alexander loves them so much and I cannot wait for him to go to the beach or the pool to test them out.

Mucking around in his new board shorts from Class of 84 Clothing.

Mucking around in his new board shorts from Class of 84 Clothing.

Class of 84 Clothing Mini hundreds and thousands board shorts.

Class of 84 Clothing Mini hundreds and thousands board shorts.

Alexander loves his new board shorts from Class of 84 Clothing.

Alexander loves his new board shorts from Class of 84 Clothing.

How to Enter

Simply fill out the rafflecopter form and answer the following question as a comment on this post to enter this amazing giveaway for Father’s Day.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Q. Why would dad and your little one want to win matching board shorts?”

To comment to answer the above go to the bottom of the post where it says, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Then enter your comment on this post.

Note: If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours of letting you know you have won, I will need to redraw the winner.

Make sure to check your emails, you never know right! By filling out your details you agree to be emailed news about the blog and sent our newsletter.

Don’t worry you will never be spammed. I value your details and only send out emails out with the news that will interest my readers.

By filling out your details you agree to be emailed news about the blog and sent our newsletter.

Who Can Enter?

Australian residents only.

When Does the Giveaway End?

Giveaway ends at midnight 28th of August. If you don’t get your prize for Father’s Day it will be coming just after.

A HUGE thank you to Class of 84 Clothing for sending Alex some snazzy new boardies for summer and for this fab giveaway.

Good luck to everyone who enters.

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31 Responses
  • Antonia O'Dwyer
    August 17, 2019

    Because young Henry, aged two is granddad’s shadow and they love nothing more than paddling together.

  • Amanda Gorton
    August 17, 2019

    Matching swimwear, hip and playful, appealing to the dapper father and son duo because after all his Dad is the biggest role model in his life!

  • Laticia Cox
    August 18, 2019

    What better way to look up to dad then to dress like dad too

    • Renee Chaumont
      August 22, 2019

      Double Trouble Swimwear,
      Summer coming..
      John (Dad) and Tobi (Son)
      Would be on the beach strutting..
      Bulding sandcastles, chasing dogs,
      Looking adorable in matching togs!

  • Tamara Lamb
    August 18, 2019

    Because my son is a mini me of my husband and would love this!

  • nicole larsen
    August 19, 2019

    They would both look super cute

  • Tracey Taylor
    August 20, 2019

    Too cool for school, too cool for work.

  • nicole larsen
    August 22, 2019

    They would both look so super cute

  • Maggie Karner
    August 22, 2019

    He loves to be just like his dad,
    With everything he does and everything he’s had.
    Wearing matching board shorts would be so cool, especially down by the sea,
    Dad and my grandson would look like the the perfect image to me.

  • nicole larsen
    August 23, 2019

    They would look super cute in matching boardies

  • Roberto Colombi
    August 24, 2019

    ‘Water’ great sight they’ll be… gotta be ‘Sea’n to be believed!

  • Kasey Ball
    August 24, 2019

    Our little one loves when we wear matching family outfits – matching shorts would be perfect for summer!

  • julie riley
    August 24, 2019

    They always want to have what dad has they would love it and he would too

  • Rob Tuckerman
    August 25, 2019

    Because when it comes to our SUMMER wardrobe, we’ll be BOARD SHORTly and ready to DIVE into something CLASSy!

  • Caroline Shanks
    August 25, 2019

    My 4.5 year old is all about Daddy. He idolises his old man and what better way to show that love than with matchy match boardies.

  • nicole larsen
    August 26, 2019

    Yjey would look super cute

  • nicole larsen
    August 27, 2019

    Perfect for the men in my life

  • Mel
    August 27, 2019

    My hubby and sons would look so cute in matching shorts!

  • Gayle Vos
    August 27, 2019

    So they will look awesome together.

  • Kathy Clark
    August 27, 2019

    so i will have a pigeon pair dad and son

  • Eva Kiraly
    August 27, 2019

    He is the Little Man of the house, Dads little shadow, I think he’d be thrilled to look just like Daddy!

  • Isabeau
    August 27, 2019

    Because mummy is obsessed with Christmas and those Santa shorts are AMAZING!!

  • Alex
    August 27, 2019

    Master 8 would love matching boardies with either his dad or his grandpa – he’d feel quite the grown up!

  • Karina Lee
    August 27, 2019

    Little one likes to copy his Dad. He might as well have matchy matchy boxers to go too!

  • Linda C
    August 28, 2019

    It’s so cute when father and son match up.

  • nicole larsen
    August 28, 2019

    They would look super cute

  • Carmie
    August 28, 2019

    Because all little boys want to be just like their dads. Dads get to enjoy that only for a short time, because then they become teenagers.

  • Bee B
    August 28, 2019

    The Class of 84 Clothing boardies would look super cool on son and grandson, grandson is my sons little fishing mate.

  • Kylie T
    August 28, 2019

    Matching board shorts will be so cool
    Perfect to splish and splash in the backyard pool;
    At the beach, building sandcastles & enjoying a wave
    Photo ready to stand together with the inspiration that Class of 84 clothing gave
    Thanks to Mummy to twins plus one
    Endless days to look forward to . . . of summer fun!

  • Kirsty
    August 28, 2019

    What a great find… the Class of 84 designs are fun. They would be perfect for our little girl who is starting swimming lessons. I can’t believe she is nearly 6 months already! Hubby is so excited about getting in the pool with her. Happy Father’s Day Daddy’s!

  • Amelia
    August 28, 2019

    My 15 month old loves taking his clothes off. Socks? Off! Bib? Off! Pants? Off! The two things I love about these boardshorts are therefore (1) the draw string. The little Houdini hasn’t quite mastered knots yet, so his pants may actually have a hope of staying on, and (2) if they look the same as his Dad then he’ll have a great role model for how to keep his gear on at the beach. Well. I can only hope.

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