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In 2010 Jacinta Tynan wrote an article for Sunday Life that detailed how she felt about motherhood. The article was called, “Is motherhood really that hard?”

The basis of Tynan’s article in 2010 was that she thoroughly enjoyed motherhood and it was not as advertised.

“All I had been told since I became pregnant was to prepare myself for the toughest job of my life” 

In the article she said that a tough job is being somewhere you did not want to be. Being with your kids is not a bad job, although there are sleepless nights and tough times, it is all good due to the fact that you can be there for your little ones. The article as you can imagine sparked some fierce conversation and many mums disagreed stating that motherhood is a tough hard slog and others were grateful to see a positive upbeat take on being a mother.

Many mothers were feeling guilty about enjoying motherhood, having a great time and not being upset about the ins and outs of looking after a baby and soon to be toddler. If they dared open their mouths they would get pounced on for being to smug or a show off at the very least.

Following on from this article and another child to boot, Tynan decided to explore the topic of motherhood and why we are fixated on the negative and not the positive of being a mum. It is interesting that we always focus on the drama rather than the good and fun times. Why is this you think?

Mother Zen - Jacinta Tynan's new book about motherhood.

Mother Zen – Jacinta Tynan’s new book about motherhood.

When I was pregnant with the twins I did get a lot of advice from everyone that crossed my path. Once they discovered I was pregnant they said, “I better sleep now before the baby comes” however I then told them I was having two babies and they said all the standard things you can think of. “Oh wow double trouble”, “You don’t look that big!” (oh thanks so much!) and the other beatuies, “How are you going to cope?” and “It is going to be so hard, you better hope they sleep!”

I was very lucky that my babies were good sleepers and still are. This is one thing I did not mention for a long time. I felt guilty of having it so good. Others in my mother’s group were having issues and I had two babies that slept, and they had one! When I got asked how things were with the round robin in group I just said all good, we are good. I did not want to jinx myself or cause the wrath of the sleepless mums who would love to have a sleeping baby.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday I have a great giveaway for 2 lucky readers

The lovely people at Harlequin Books sent me two copies of Mother Zen to giveaway. I’m busy reading my copy, and as you can see it is a jam packed book that will keep you entertained.

Mother Zen is about the following:

“While on this journey, Jacinta gives us a compelling analysis of the ideas and philosophies that surround contemporary parenting, as she also tries to understand why her comments caused such a storm. She asks other parents, health practitioners and childcare experts some key questions, such as:

• Why do we feel so strongly about sleep, breastfeeding and discipline for our children?
• Why do some parents find parenting easy and others a terrible trial?
• And why are mothers made to feel so guilty, all the time?

Part memoir about her experiences as a new mum, part passionate manifesto, Mother Zen questions whether society’s default position — that parenting is a tough and unrewarding job — is a valid one and opens up an important debate that goes to heart of our identity. What kind of values are we passing on to our children? And are we teaching them, or are they teaching us?”

Mother Zen on my bed ready to read more

Mother Zen on my bed ready to read more

How do you enter?

All you need to do is to leave a blog comment on this post. Tell me what is the most positive thing that has come from being a mum (other than your kids of course). Make sure to fill out the details of the Rafflecopter form and remember no blog comment no entry.

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When does the giveaway end?

The giveaway is open till midnight 15th of May 2015. Yes I know it is about mums and Mother’s Day is on Sunday. This is a week long comp to celebrate all mums.

Who can enter?

Australian residents only. Good luck everyone.


I am keen to keep on reading my copy of Mother Zen and would like to thank Harlequin Books for sending me a copy to read and extras for this amazing giveaway.

I do try to look on the positive side of parenting, however I do have my moments where life seems to get me down and it appears that there is a consipiracy out to get me. I know silly but sometimes you just have bad days or a week. I have enjoyed being a mum to my little girls and have taken great joy seeing them grow up. More is to come and more adventures are waiting for us all.

Do you try to be upbeat about parenting? Let us know.


6 Responses
  • Michelle V
    May 9, 2015

    The most positive thing for me would be a bit of confidence that I have managed to pick up along the way! I’ve always lacked confidence in a major way, and didn’t want that for my three girls.
    I overcame my fear of driving and got my licence at age 33, so that was also a massive plus!

  • Mary Preston
    May 9, 2015

    I’m a lot more patient and flexible. The best laid plans etc… Sometimes it is best to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

  • Ern
    May 10, 2015

    I speak for both my wife and myself, when we became parents our sheer selfishness disappeared. So positive for the pair of us who thought it not possible, it’s one of those things you don’t get until you become a parent.

  • Janine Gardiner
    May 11, 2015

    There more to life than me…. What an amazing discovery. Having children opened up a whole new world for us. We’ve become involved with our school community, our town community. Made new friends and just become better people.

  • Kristy winters
    May 13, 2015

    I am more organised tidier and more punctual the more children I have !!!

  • Laura Powers
    May 15, 2015

    Doing things with my children and seeing the world through their fresh new eyes it’s like doing things for the first time all over again

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