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This giveaway has closed. It ended 20th of September 2013. Thanks to all that entered.

Do you struggle with how to design your room?

Do you have a room in your house that is not great, needs some work or a new design? Would say a fresh coat of paint, new rug, cushions or different furniture help? Sometimes just design advice from an expert is the ticket to unlock what it is that will make your room beautiful and functional again.

Recently I engaged with the Kmart design team and they looked at pictures of my living room to give me advice on how to make it look better and if I wanted to change the paint colour what would they recommend. Some of the suggestions we thought were great and the paint colours we are definatley going to look at.


My living room

My living room

Other view of living room

Other view of living room

So what was the verdict from Kmart?

Kmart thinks that our couches are on trend. The large scale gingham is in at the moment, who knew!  Pleased that our artwork of the Parisian cat was considered to work very well with the space, good to know, I love the print. It was funny that the pattern lamp shade was listed here for our living room. We have the same shade in our bedroom and our spare room, I loved it so much I got it for both rooms. Strange indeed, or just on trend again?

Patterned Ceiling Lamp Shade - Kmart. This is the one in our bedroom.

Patterned Ceiling Lamp Shade – Kmart. This is the one in our bedroom.

Kmart thought that the mood of the room was a bit coastal, I love that and would love to be on the sea or closer to it, so if the room can make me think that it is a bonus.

They suggested that some texture in the look of the room would add a sense of softness and calm. Adding, the Havana 4 draw unit would allow us storage and to put the television on top of it also. Changing the rug to the neutral tone in the design sheet helps break up the space.

Living room design advice from Kmart

Living room design advice from Kmart

The orange cushions would be used as a pop of colour and work well with the neutrals that we have already in the living room and the suggestions from the Kmart design team. I love the tray and mugs as we love to have tea while watching a film or a show so that would be ideal for us. Updating the cushions and colours are an easy design fix also.

One thing that we have never liked is the paint colour. We are not fans of the pink and think it closes off the room too much and makes it appear darker than it should. We have wanted to change it but have never agreed on a colour that would work for the space. The Kmart design team have suggested a pale blue and using white for the trims and the ceiling. Nice idea, it would certainly brighten the room and give it a more contemporary feel.

Funny that we have been looking at this colour combination and seeing how it would work with the space and the room, hubby and I are willing to give it a go and see what a change it really makes to the space.  After painting we want to have the floors polished, you cannot polish floors if you have not painted yet. I suppose you could but not a good idea.

The other night hubby and I were watching an episode of Laurence Lewelyn-Bowen’s new design show for the BBC. It showcased a room that had similar light to our living room and Laurence recommended the same paint colours, light blue with white for the ceiling and skirtings. Interesting. Kmart is on the money with this recommendation and when we are more flushed with cash we will change the living room to be as suggested. Light blue and white to let more light in and to make it feel more open and spacious.

Mugs and Bamboo Tray, Kmart.

Mugs and Bamboo Tray, Kmart.

Why do you need to win this prize?

Do you have a house that is stuck in a time warp? Are you stuck and don’t know how to move forward? Does the hubby or the wife refuse to budge to make things more modern? Do you think that you need heaps of money to make small changes to your space?

Kmart has such great low prices and great quality products that it is easy to pick things up that can make a dramatic difference. So as stated, we would so desperately like to change the paint colour but we can wait to do that. We can do small changes, like the cushions, rug, artwork, decorations and so on. At least these changes won’t break the bank.

I just want to get rid of the pink, please I would love it to be gone.  At least we have an agreement that we have a colour and a way forward thanks to Kmart. I’m sure I am not the only one that is in the same boat. What paint colour would you like to be rid of? What thing in your room or house is driving you mental or has seen better days?

So if this is you, you qualify to win or at least enter to have a chance to win.

Flower Rug, Kmart.

Flower Rug, Kmart.

What is the prize and how do I enter?

Kmart is giving away a $100 gift card and the chance for the winner to send a picture of the room they need help with for design advice from the Kmart design team. How cool would this be? Professional design advice for your room; once you have the advice you can then use your voucher to make the improvements to your space.

To enter you just need to do is to leave a blog comment and tell us what product that you loved from Kmart’s design advice to me, and what room would you love to get help to fix?
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Note: Open to Australian residents only. The giveaway is open until midnight 20th September 2013.

Good luck everyone, this is such an amazing giveaway I cannot wait to see how the prize helps the winner out.

6 Responses
  • Jennifer B.
    September 4, 2013

    A quirky touch perfect for displaying my treasures. And so affordable from KMart!… I love that Bell Jar!

    • Jennifer B.
      September 4, 2013

      And it’s the start for redecorating my bedroom – which still shows signs of it’s nursery past…

  • Ross S
    September 4, 2013

    I love the Lamp Shade. Nothing screams “I need a makeover” more than a bare lightbulb.

    The room I’d like to fix is our bedroom. Our colour scheme was great when we did it twenty years ago – but now it could do with a freshen up.

  • Kim
    September 4, 2013

    I am loving the 4 drawer unit, it would look fantastic in a lot of rooms in my house and is great storage! I would love to put it in my daughter’s room. I want to change it from a little baby girls room and make it a bit more grown up, I can picture this as something that she can have now and all the way up to when she moves out (god forbid!!!)

  • Trish
    September 8, 2013

    I’d love to make over my bedroom with Havana 4 drawer unit and my lounge with some new cushions – I love the live, laugh & love one. Plus a floor lamp for our lounge room which has no ceiling lights ( we renovated a relocatable home.

  • Sechy
    September 19, 2013

    I love the Havana 4 drawers and that cute little bird house. I think my house would look great with some more white furniture and accents. What a great idea from Kmart. I had no idea they offered this really cool service. I would love to improve my bedroom 🙂

    Love Sechy xox

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