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Mummy and the girls on the 27th of Sept, 2008. Katoomba Hosp. Julia on left, Lillian on right.

Mummy and the girls on the 27th of Sept, 2008. Katoomba Hosp. Julia on left, Lillian on right.

Having twins as your first children is a big shock to most people and it was no different for me. I was planning to start with one child and then maybe do the second, but life had another thing in store and decided to give me two lovely bundles straight away. I am very grateful for that and happy it has worked out the way it has, that said, what have the twins taught me so far.

Well here is my list:

  • Yes twins do have their own language
  • They are inseparable and always want to share a bed
  • They are highly competitive
  • Love each other to bits but are terrible to each other (just sibling rivalry)
  • Even though you want to dress them in different outfits especially due to them being identical it is a good idea to always have the same outfit ready for the other child. Once one kid sees what the other is going to wear then they usually want to wear it as well.
  • No matter if you think it is a good idea to get different colour toys for each child it is not! Best to get the same so there are no arguments and fights. Pink is the colour to get in our household as the twins are pink obsessed
  • If I can handle giving birth to two kids and deal with the early months I can handle anything! I thought it was hard and terrible but things are a breeze after that.
  • The cuddles and love that I have for both my little girls is immense and great, I cannot think of them not being here. I also cannot believe that I helped create their life and cannot wait to see what they become. It is a joy to be watching them develop and grow.

Next year the twins will start school and that just amazes me. 5 years have passed so quickly and I have watched my little babies grow into intelligent and happy little people. In the early years it did help to go to a mothers group and especially one that was for multiples. If you are looking for a mothers group the best way is to see where your AMBA local club is and they should have a listing for what mothers groups are available.

I was inspired to write this post due to Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW), 10-17 March 2013.  Check out the events for every state in Australia and enjoy the celebrations. If you have twins, triplets or higher, congrats to you for doing well keeping up with kids, life and things for you. Well done. I know how hard it is.

The AMBA has great resources and they are well worth a look if you need some extra support or advice.

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