Was Your Pregnancy What You Expected?

Me pregnant with the twins. August 2008 and in a couple of weeks after this was taken I had the girls.

Me pregnant with the twins. August 2008 and in a couple of weeks after this was taken I had the girls.

When I got pregnant I had no idea that I was pregnant with twins. We learnt of this wonderful fact at the 7 week scan, due to our doctor being cautious and me feeling very ill, and of course a high pregnancy hormone alerted him that there might be more than one I think in hindsight. Oh well, we were shocked when we found out and said some rude words in front of the ultrasound lady and then apolgised to her. She however said she had heard worse, so that is a worry.

After we got over the joy and the shock (we did walk around like zombies for a least 3 months until it sunk in), we were very pleased. I had a normal pregnancy, had normal blood pressure and was well considering it was a multiple pregnancy. The only thing that was annoying was the fact that I got bigger more quickly than a singleton pregnancy and I ended up retaining more fluid due to the extra baby. Not happy about this at all.

Due to the issue of twins coming early I had my hospital bag packed very early on and always left home with my hospital card, just in case.

Due to the fluid issue I found it hard to use my hands and my wrists hurt. Developing carpel tunnel in pregnancy was upsetting and I cried a lot as I could not do simple things and had to always ask for help. I did have some issues before pregnancy however I dealt with the issue by exercises and changing my routine so that I did not put pressure on the wrist and gave my fingers and hands a well deserved break. I was told that after I have the babies that the weakness in my hands most likely would go away and it did to my relief. I was also very happy to lose the water around my ankles and was very pleased when my ankles came back rather than having cankles.

I did suffer a lot from morning sickness or all day sickness and found that I had to eat little bits of something or else I would throw up, yes glamorous and annoying. I got ready for work one morning and then threw up all over myself and the bathroom. Not only did I have to clean up while wanting to be sick again, I then had to magically find another outfit to wear that would fit me and be business appropriate. Not easy when you are growing so big and finding things harder and harder to fit into.

Other than the sickness, water retention, and being super tired, I did like being pregnant. I loved the idea of having two little people that needed me and bringing new life into the world was great to be part of.

In the video from The Bepanthen Mummy Diaries, the ladies here talk about things that have happened to them and what they are expecting for their first baby. When I told people I was having two rather than one they were shocked. I got the horror stories as well and decided to not listen to those as I was terrified but thinking I’m sure it will be o.k.  It is interesting that the ladies that are being interviewed did similar things to myself, like having the hospital bag packed quite early on in the piece. Well the twins are my first kids and this baby is hers, so she is being organised. However my organisation was due to being told they could come at any time.

I really did not nest I was too busy sleeping and making sure the house was looked after. I did cook and freeze three months worth of meals, maybe that was a bit of nesting? I decided that due to having twins I did not want to be worried about dinners, so all I had to do was defrost and reheat. If I felt like it add some fresh veggies or salad. Presto the dinner is ready. The first three months with the twins I was walking around with barley no sleep at all, if I did get any it was interrupted.

Hubby was more of the nester, strange but true. I did purchase clothes for the twins and get it all organised, but he ran around the house in a flap and I just looked at him and said, “I’m tired, I’m going to bed.” Has this happened to you? Do you relate to the ladies in the video? Have you heard scary stories, are you more relaxed for your second pregnancy? How have you felt during pregnancy? Did you nest? Or were you like me and not thinking about that at all.

Now did I need my hospital card with me? Yes I ended up being somewhere else and my waters broke at 33 weeks. So went to the local hospital and they rushed me to another and then stayed there for a week and had the twins a week after my waters broke.  Always good to be prepared, however I did not plan for how the birth happened, and where I was, it just happened the way it was meant to. You can plan all you want but somethings don’t work out. It is not always a bad thing, it is just the way life goes.

How was your pregnancy? Did it all go to plan?

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  • Trish
    September 8, 2013

    As a mum to twins took can so relate to this post. I got to 35w3days before being admitted and they were born the next day. They were my first newborns and pregnancy to term almost (after a stillbirth at 26wks).
    I didn’t nest and I was not packed but we coped.

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