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Firefighters don’t wear Dresses & Thigh High Boots with Heels!


Alexander was watching Firefighters Song for Kids from Bounce Patrol Kids on YouTube, it was a catchy and fun song. However, the only thing that I could not stop looking at was the woman firefighter was in a dress and wearing thigh high boots with heels! Yep, the woman is dressed in non firefighting clothes and the men have adequate clothes to fight a fire. There are no dresses or heels in firefighting and girls should be dressed the same as the boys! Simple as that. Even if it is a song or a simple dress up. It sends the wrong message! Let me know your thoughts.

Doing Just Enough is the New Unicorn Latte


DO you find you are doing so much you’re exhausted? Well, I do. I’m reading Jennifer McCartney’s book,”The Joy of doing just enough” and loving it. Basically, it is about doing less and being lazy to be happier. Oh, and being like a Unicorn Latte. Read on to find out more.