Solar Energy = Green Living


Do you have solar panels? Would you like to get solar power for your home or business?

Hubby and I are determined to cut our electricity costs and getting solar panels for our house is one of our plans. What about you?

Solar Panels. Image courtesy of dan /

Solar Panels. Image courtesy of dan /

Top 6 Reasons To Install Solar Power:

1. Sunshine Is Free
After you get your solar panels and system installed (the paid part) the Sunshine is Free! Yes there will be no shortage of sunshine. Why not use it to help make your life easier and of course cheaper in the long run.

2. Climate Change
We have relied on fossil fuels for too long. Harnessing power from the sun is a smart way to go. We are a country that has plenty of sunshine and creating electricity out of this natural resource makes sense. You will feel good doing your part by cutting your CO2 emissions.

3. Solar Energy Will Pay You
Once you have purchased your solar panels and it is all working, you will save costs in the future. All the electricity that you create goes directly into your house or business. Any excess then goes back to the grid and you get paid for this. Yes you get money from your energy supplier.

4. Electricity Cost Are Going Up
As you might be aware your electricity bill is going up and probably will not get cheaper. Yes you heard that right. It will be more expensive. Sad I know! So why not create your own electricity and be more self-sufficient.

Below is a quote from The Australian article, “No end in sight to soaring electricity prices” by Brendan Pearson:

“Household electricity prices have increased by more than 110 per cent in the past five years, and are projected to increase another 7 per cent in 2014-15.”

This is a major jump in costs! No wonder our bill is more now than before.

5. Solar Rebates
Depending on the system purchased and the zone you live in within Australia it will determine your rebate amount. Don’t fret, you will get a rebate. However it can be a little more for a bigger system.

6. Solar Is A Clean Energy
Solar does not pollute the air and in turn makes it healthier for everyone. Some believe that other energy providers are polluting the air and causing more people to suffer asthma. I do think that solar energy is better for everyone. What do you think?

Sounds great and why wouldn’t you want to save money. Be more environmentally friendly and eventually get money from your electricity provider. I know I do!

Making electricity, solar panels working in the sunshine! Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /

Making electricity, solar panels working in the sunshine! Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /


How does Solar Power Work?

Sunlight hit the solar panels and create a reaction in the cells of the panel. This reaction produces DC electricity.

The DC electricity goes to an inverter and is then converted into AC power. This AC electricity can now be safely used to power items in your house or business. This is all displayed in the below graphic that is also on the Australian Solar Quotes website.

See how solar power works. Image from Australian Solar Quotes website.

See how solar power works. Image from Australian Solar Quotes website.

Is It Expensive?

Hubby and I would like to have had solar panels installed but due to some bills we had to pay we did not have the money available.

On the Australian Solar Quotes website they have an example on costs. If I purchased the 3.0W Solar System I would get a $4,000 rebate and only pay $5,000. So for a $9,000 system you only pay for $5,000 of it. That is good for what it gives you, and is well worth it. When we have saved some more we will be looking at this. Maybe saving our tax refund, coins, and bonus money would help or get the money out of the redraw for the house. It is a cost that will pay you back.

I have noticed that some providers are allowing payment plans and if we had this option when we were considering solar energy, we would have had the solar panels installed.

You do get a rebate and this is great. However you still need to pay for a component. I see that it is not that expensive when you consider what the panels do and save you. It is something to invest in and also adds value to your house. With the fact that electricity is going up having a house that creates its own power will be a winner for you and also for anyone that wishes to purchase your home if that is what you intend to do.

Depending on the solar panel unit purchased prices can vary. No matter what you purchase you will still get a rebate back from the government.

Solar panels. Image courtesy of franky242 /

Solar panels. Image courtesy of franky242 /

Solar Energy Is An Investment

This is an investment in the future. Saving you money for the long term, helping the environment and not being reliant on your energy provider. Wouldn’t it feel great to have a smile on your face and not worry about the costs of powering your house? I know this would make me very happy.

We live in the Blue Mountains in NSW. It gets very cold in winter and we spend a fortune on electricity just staying warm. It would be nice to have a way to cut costs and also not freak out when we get an electricity bill.

Find out more about Solar Energy

The people at Australian Solar Quotes have a super easy website to use. You can also learn more about solar energy and how it works.

You can also get a quote on what it would cost to install solar panels to your house. Just fill out some details and get a quote and then if all happy, you can get solar energy! Yes you are on your way to having cheaper bills, and of course helping the environment.

Do you have solar panels? Have they saved you money? Would you recommend them to others? We are keen to cut our costs. I am sure it will only be more once the girls are teenagers. Long showers, hair dryers, and so on!

 Great facts and info about Solar Power:

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Australian Solar Quotes. I am interested in solar energy and also looking at renovating my house and building a new one. Anything that can be a great investment for the future is something Mummy to Twins is happy to look at. I also love the fact that Solar Power helps the environment.

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