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Do you ever wish that you could get a great outfit for your child for a function? What about as a great gift? Look no further Alex and Alexa have the answer.  The business is run by husband and wife Alex Theophanous, and Alexa Till. The online shop was born in 2007 and is from the UK, however they ship worldwide. Yes you can get luxury designs for little ones all from the convenience of your home. No leaving the house.

Now what do you think you can purchase?  Well I have been asked to create a wish list of my wants, and I have a big list. Pity these are just clothes for kids, as some are just divine!

I was so taken with all the pretty girls fashions I found it hard to look at other areas, mainly due to having two girls to look after that I am obsessed with all things girl! That said, Alex and Alexa cater for boys, girls, sports, toys/gifts, home, babies/toddler, shoes, and the nursery. So it is not just girl related, so don’t fret if you have boys or just want a toy.  I have broken up my wish list into the different sections so that you can see the choices, for babies, boys and girls.

Some designs are designer outfits from well-known labels, as stated if you want something for a special occasion this is a great place to find it. Alex and Alexa also have sales and further reductions so check there if you are interested in purchasing as well.


I wish I had a baby to dress but no such luck…do you love shopping for baby/kids clothes? I do.





As you can imagine my girls loved the pussy cat shoes and I cannot believe that the pink ones smell like bubble gum, have to get some of those! One of my girls loves to pretend to be a cat so that would be a lovely gift for her. My other girl is obsessed with having colourful outfits and making sure they are pretty. Well there is no worry here, all things from Alex and Alexa are pretty, this is why I included so many on my wish list.

Hope that you have enjoyed taking a peep at some of the products on offer. Don’t forget that they ship worldwide and if it is over a certain amount the shipping is free, well the cost here depends on where you are in the world. The costs for shipping are very reasonable considering so many online stores jack up the prices if you happen to live in Australia. Alex and Alexa have not done this, they have stuck to a flat rate. which is great to see.

This post is in association with Alex and Alexa  who have engaged Mummy to Twins to showcase their products to Australia.  I hope you have enjoyed the products as much as I have and happy shopping to you all.

2 Responses
  • Foodie in WV
    July 13, 2013

    The boys stuff is so cute, which as a mom of two boys I love!

    • Suzanne
      July 13, 2013

      Yes all the clothes were super nice. Wish I could get it all!

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