Magical 3M Scotch Restickable Tabs


I was sent some packs of the 3M Scotch Restickable Mounting range and was asked to come up with ways to use the product and test it. Does the product disclaimer live up to reality? Well I can tell you it is a big YES from me, this product is very impressive.

So what is so wonderful about 3M Scotch Restickable Mounting range?

  • They are light weight, this is great as you don’t need to wait for Mr Muscles to help you hang something, and you can do it yourself.
  • The 3M Scotch Restickable Mounting range doesn’t leave residue and is very easy to remove. I was so happy that they didn’t pull off paint and removed cleanly to use again and again.
  • Unlike other products on the market 3M Scotch Restickables sits flush allowing artwork or whatever you are hanging to be on display and looking good.
  • The 3M Scotch Restickable Mounting range are available in a variety of sizes, strips, tabs and sheets. Perfect for all different size projects.
  • The restickables can be purchased at any Officeworks or Bunnings store nationwide
  • It is very cost effective to purchase this product, the recommended retail price is $4.95, so will not break the bank.

What type of things did I use the 3M Scotch Restickable tabs for? Well we did a lot of things, check out the wonderful images and description of each project using the 3M Scotch Restickable tabs.

1.       Christmas Decorations

Why not hang baubles on the wall to give your house a festive feel or even better create a Christmas tree, this type of tree is less messy and easier to put up and maintain. Why not get creative and add some tinsel or put your Christmas cards around to add to the holiday spirit.

Note: Items that you put on the wall need to be flat. I did try to use a bigger star decoration for the top of the tree but it fell off as it was not flush with the wall.  So bear this in mind.   If the weight is more than a piece of paper it is wise to check the packet for how many tabs you will need to hang a certain item, it is best to know the weight of the item so that you will know how many tabs you will need.  According to the instructions on the packet four tabs holds up to .25lb or 113grams.

2.       Chinese New Year Decorations

The twins created Chinese lanterns at pre-school and wanted them to decorate their room, using the 3M Scotch Restickable Tabs this job was easy and did not take much time at all.

The girls wanted to create more decorations for Chinese New Year, so we made our own snakes as 2013 is the year of the Water Snake.  Gong xi fa cai everyone, I hope the year of the snake is lucky for you.

3.       Craft

As Easter is approaching what better way to celebrate than to create craft to decorate your house, also craft is a great thing to do with the kids. My girls had a wonderful time creating the rabbit and flowers, also the snakes for Chinese New Year.

To inspire us for the Easter craft I found a great poster called, “Some Bunny Loves You“, I copied it in cardboard and let the twins decorate it. We then put it on the wall using the 3M Scotch Restickable Tabs, all very easy. It was harder to wait till the paint was dry as two eager kids were keen to put it on the wall.


4.       No more magnets on the fridge

Have you had issues with magnets scratching your fridge, getting lost or just being annoying? Why not use 3M Scotch Restickable Tabs instead of magnets, the restickables don’t scratch and are easy to remove and you can use them again and again.


5.       Wash and Reuse

I thought how wonderful to be able to wash dirty and soiled tabs to use again. The pack tells you this is possible, but does it really work? I gave a restickable tab to each of the girls and they ran around the backyard and made it very dirty indeed. After they were very dirty I washed them with soap and water as instructed and let them dry. They managed to keep their stickiness and were clean and able to be reused. What an amazing product, no sure how they have made it but it is clever that you can wash them and use them again.

6.       DIY

Hubby decided that he had a great use for the  3M Scotch Restickable Tabs. He had to fix the light switch in the laundry and thought why not have a light to help him see.  How do you do that if you have to turn the light switch off to do the fix? Why not put some restickable tabs on the wall and fix the torch to allow you to see while you do your DIY. Just make sure to check the weight of your item and make sure to put enough tabs to hold the weight. According to the instructions on the packet four tabs holds up to .25lb or 113grams, best to weigh your item and decide on amount of tabs then.

In Conclusion

3M Scotch Restickable Mounting range has so many applications, art, craft, decoration, DIY, fixing things, or even framing photos or prints. The fact that 3M Scotch Restickables are able to be washed and reused is a great bonus as with kids things get dirty and how wonderful a company has designed something that once cleaned does not lose its use. Bravo 3M the Restickables range is amazing and I will be using more of them for my projects and craft with the twins.

This is a sponsored post: I am participating in the 3M Scotch Restickable Tabs campaign. I received a VISA gift card for this post courtesy of 3M via Digital Parents Collective. I am also in the running to win an iPad Mini. As always, all opinions are purely my own.

2 Responses
  • Melissa
    February 18, 2013

    Your girls are so gorgeous!! Great idea to use them instead of fridge magnets. We have a stainless steel fridge and it really badly scratched from the kids mucking about with our fridge magnets (we have the exact same alphabet ones that you do). These are a much more fridge-friendly idea 🙂

    • Suzanne
      February 18, 2013

      Thanks Melissa, I plan on replacing some with the new restickable tabs, they are just amazing. Suzanne.

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