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I know what it is like to be sleep deprived. When the twins were babies I was like the walking dead. I did silly things like put things in the pantry that were really meant for the fridge. I had three months with very little to no sleep.

Now with our third child I’m doing the late night and early feeds all over again and all the while wishing I was back in bed. Don’t get me wrong. I do love snuggling with my wonderful boy, but the comfort and warmth of my bed is just that more alluring as a super tired and exhausted new mum again.

Our little boy Alexander is not a fussy sleeper. Once he is settled he sleeps quite well. However it is just the work and hours it takes to get him settled so that he can sleep, and therefore so can I.

It does sometimes take us hours to settle our little bundle of joy. He seems to hold onto his wind and therefore gets cranky until it all comes out and then he is happy.

However we are now faced with another issue that is upsetting our little boy. He is teething. Yes he is an early teether and therefore now in a lot of pain and discomfort due to teeth coming in. The only thing we can do at the moment is to use some painkillers like Advil or Nurofen to take the edge off for him and some Bonjela to help his sore gums. He is stuffing his fists and anything he can into his mouth to chew and to relieve the pain.

Due to the teething our little baby boy has been very unsettled lately and has been waking often.

These are the things that I have been doing to help him:

  • Make sure he is fed and happy (I don’t want to think his crying and upset is due to being hungry)
  • Make sure he is clean and dry. Due to him sucking and drooling on everything, he is getting his clothes wet (Perils of teething). Dry and clean clothes for bed and to calm him down is ideal. This of course means that a clean nappy is needed also.
  • Have bought a chew toy but that is not used as much as the blanket or his thumb.
  • I give him a nice soothing warm bath to relax him and to also make sure he is clean.
  • After bath time I massage him with some Johnson’s Baby lotion to help calm him and to increase the odds of being super sleepy.
  • I do try and give the baby quiet time but it is hard to with two active kids in the house. They have not gotten the idea that they cannot stomp, run and make such loud noises when the baby is sleeping.

Did you know that….

“Loss of sleep is mainly associated with absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. The research from JOHNSON’S reveals the most common blunders worn-out parents make includes forgetting or mixing up dates in the diary (50%), losing important items such as keys (43%) and locking themselves out of the house (14%).

I would say that mixing up dates in the diary is 100% true. The other week I thought my doctors appointment was on a certain day. When I turned up I was told that my appointment was actually for tomorrow and not for the day I turned up for. Oh………………………. what a terrible thing to do. The doctors were nice and accommodated me, to come back meant rearranging schedules and driving down to the medical centre again. 

Yep if I’m mixing up dates and times I must be tired.

When the kids were in pre-school I used to say good night when I dropped them off at school. I have done this again due to the new baby….Oops poor kids. They must think mummy is being a bit silly. 

This is another sign of being sleepy….. and needing some down time.

I’m sure you know that if your little one gets to bed sooner and more easily you too can get some much needed rest also.

Johnson’s know how important sleep is for the whole family. This is why they are working with baby sleep consultant, Jo Ryan who also is a registered nurse for nearly 20 years plus has a Masters of Public Health. So Jo is super qualified to help parents with getting their baby to sleep. Johnson’s have also teamed up with  Tresillian which is a not-for-profit organisation “that assists close to 80,000 Australian families in the early years of their child. We help parents gain confidence in their new roles as mums and dads and teach new parents about routines in breastfeeding, sleep, settling and nutrition.”

“JOHNSON’S research showed that, on average, new mums only get three to four hours of sleep and wake up five times per night to settle their baby.”


Johnson’s have developed a 3 step Bedtime Routine:

  1. Give your baby a warm bath. A relaxing bath helps with improvement with mood, alertness and calmness.
  2. Massage your baby. Research shows that a routine with touch and massage improves sleep quality and quantity.
  3. Quiet Time with your baby. A nice cuddle and some quiet alone time with baby will help them be ready for bed.
Alexander loves the lullabies on the JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ baby sleep app

Alexander loves the lullabies on the JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ baby sleep app


“This unique 3-step nighttime routine is clinically proven to help babies sleep better in just one week”

If you need some extra help to get your little one to sleep Johnson’s have created a fabulous sleep app to help all parents get more sleep.

It is called JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME baby sleep app and you can download it for FREE! It is available from the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store.

Give the brilliant app from Johnson’s a go and say yes to more sleep for all. It is worth giving it a go to ensure that everyone is calmer and happier.

I have been testing out the new Bedtime App from Johnson’s and it has helped sooth our little baby before he drifts off to sleep. He likes the inbuilt lullabies and some of the ambient sounds. You can listen to all of the lullabies as it will play all and then just stop, or you can put a favourite on repeat.

JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ baby sleep app

JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ baby sleep app

Within the app you can put all kids in with their details. The app allows you to monitor when your child goes down for a nap and wakes. If you are clever and program these details in, it will give you a graph like the one above to see how well your little one is sleeping.

The app also allows you to connect to experts to have all your questions answered.

If you are like me any extra sleep is a lovely thing. I have noticed some changes in my little boy, he is more relaxed. I also know his cues telling me when he is sleepy. My little boy does a sleep growl before he falls asleep. Does yours?

Do you have a new baby? A child that has difficulty sleeping or staying asleep? Why not give JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME Baby Sleep App a go. I understand how you feel if you are working on little to no sleep. You are irritable, annoyed and most likely nothing is getting done but the minimum. More sleep would change this.

I have written this post while the baby has been sleeping and he is listening to his lullabies from the JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME baby sleep app.

He is a baby that likes noise, the radio, the television or some music. He likes to not feel alone. Were your babies like this? Is your new baby the same? Let us know.

Maybe after getting more sleep I won’t turn up a day early for appointments and say good night when I drop the kids off at school. I know that there might be other mistakes and silly things yet to come but hopefully once the baby is not up so often and sleeping more I will be too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was approached by Johnson’s to try out their new app to help everyone sleep. Not just the baby. I am firm believer if the baby is sleeping better so does everyone else.


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