Firefighters don’t wear Dresses & Thigh High Boots with Heels!


The other day Alexander was watching some songs on YouTube.

One of them was the Firefighters Song for Kids from Bounce Patrol Kids. The song was catchy and the video was bright, colourful and Alexander loved it.

However the thing I couldn’t stop looking at was the fact that the only woman firefighter was dressed in a dress and thigh high patent leather/shiny boots that had a heel. (See the video below)

 A dress and heels are not for firefighting!  Women should wear pants, boots and the same outfit the men wear!


Why are women showing girls that they need to dress like this to fight fires? Firefighters don’t wear this and women firefighters actually wear pants and the proper boots like the men do. It’s a basic uniform for the job.


I know it looks glam to be in heels but you are fighting a fire and boots with no heel would be best.

Oh and lose the dress and just wear the pants and uniform for all firefighters please.

Show girls that they don’t have to be different and the candy for people to look at, no sparkle needed. The video was fun and having this female firefighter in pants and boots like the men wouldn’t have detracted from the video at all!  As you can see I am rather annoyed at this video and the representation of women and how it will impact girls.

Why is it 2019 and there are still such alarming differences for how girls and women are being portrayed? This is not acceptable and should looked at with more care. Young kids are highly impressionable and doing this just reinforces the fact that a girl needs to be in a dress and wear high heels, which is not the case at all.

This firefighter is wearing a better outfit to fight fires. Why can't the woman be dressed the same?

This firefighter is wearing a better outfit to fight fires. Why can’t the woman be dressed the same?

Just in case you wish to know what firefighters wear here are some images taken from the Fire NSW Website:


I don’t see any dresses or heels do you?




Have you been appalled at how girls are getting shown in video clips and other media? Do they always have to wear skirts? Dresses? Why do dress ups for girls always have a sparkly skirt and dress option? Why can’t they have pants like the boys outfits do?

Let me know what has caught your attention and why it annoyed you?



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1 Response
  • Lucy
    April 11, 2019

    Great post! Totally agree with you. It is important to be careful and to always control what our kids are watching. Thank you for sharing and please keep it up

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