Do mattresses really affect how well we sleep?


What does your nightly slumber look like? If it’s full of tossing and turning, you’re probably feeling low on energy and struggling to face the day. But why? It can be difficult to narrow down the causes of poor sleep. Common factors include poor diet, not enough exercise, chronic pain, stress and poor sleep habits.

I would like to add another issue, Pregnancy! Making sure that you have a good mattress when you need all the rest you can get is essential. Having to get up multiple times a night to go to the bathroom is annoying enough but having a nice comfortable bed makes things so much better.

Another possibility may also be your mattress, though. Read on to discover how your mattress may be affecting your sleep quality, and what you can do to remedy the situation!

A king size mattress ready to be slept on

A king size mattress ready to be slept on

Too hard

If your mattress is too hard for your body, you may be finding that you move around a lot as you try to change where the pressure is. The right mattress should allow your body to be in alignment while being soft enough to allow contact points to be comfortable. People with existing joint or muscle issues may find mattresses that are too hard particularly detrimental.

Not supportive enough

If your mattress is too soft or just not supportive, you might find that the heavier parts of your body sink lower when you lie down. While it can initially feel amazing to just sink into a plush mattress, it can create a curve in your spine that isn’t ideal and could eventually result in a sore back, neck or hips.

Other mattress factors that could affect your sleep

The firmness or softness of your mattress is definitely a crucial part of getting a good night’s sleep, but it’s not the only contributor. Other things like temperature, partner disturbance and physical faults are all things that might impact the quality of your sleep.

Do you need to update your mattress? A good nights sleep can make you feel amazing if you have the right bed and of course mattress.

Do you need to update your mattress? A good nights sleep can make you feel amazing if you have the right bed and of course mattress.

What you can do about it

The perfect mattress will be the right combination of supportive and soft. Unfortunately, there is no one mattress that works for everyone. That’s why, when choosing a mattress, it is important that you go somewhere with a decent range of brands and styles to choose from. Super Amart is a decent place to start.

Don’t just look and feel for the initial physical comfort of a mattress – also check the product information to find out how it rates for other criteria. Pay particular attention to temperature neutrality (you want a mattress that releases heat when it’s hot and keeps warmth in when it’s cold) and partner disturbance minimisation. That means that if you sleep with your partner or kids, you won’t be jolted from sleep every time they wriggle or get out of bed.

A good mattress can be the difference between bouncing out of bed in the morning and dragging your body out of bed. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s not an important part of your life – sleep has been shown to impact on every bodily process, from metabolism to memory to higher-level cognitive functions.

An investment in a good mattress is an investment in yourself, so don’t put it off! Have you recently purchased a new mattress? What difference did you notice in your quality of sleep?


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