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Sick and not happy. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Sick and not happy. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Have you had a month of sickness? One child gets sick, then the next. Finally you think they are over it. No it is not to be! Then the first child who got sick originally gets sick with the same thing again, and of course you guessed it the other child gets it again. I then got ill and thought it was just a bad cold but it got worse! I ended up having a very bad chest infection and the twins got tonsillitis twice in a month; both girls have been recommended by two different doctors to have their tonsils removed. This was my August, and it was hell.

Kids ended up having two doses of antibiotics and I had three just to rid of us or our illnesses, not good but we are now better. During this period I was making sure we were not spreading germs and tried my best at making sure that the house was as healthy as possible. The twins and I were sick but I did not want to get hubby ill as well.

I cleaned sheets, clothes, made sure that everyone had fresh towels, I wiped surfaces, vacuumed and all other things to ensure a healthy home.

Due to me being extra cautious and worried about others getting sick, hubby remained germ free. This in turn annoyed me as I felt like the living dead (how did he not get ill? Maybe it was my skill with cleaning and tidying?) Hard to care for sick kids while you are ill as well. Not a fun time.

During our sick month or otherwise known as August, I made sure that the girls coughed on their shoulder not on their hands if they did not have a hanky/tissue handy. I also made sure they used hand sanitisers and washed their hands regularly. The girls from time to time still need to be reminded but did well on the whole. Making sure that you don’t have germs on your hands is the hard part with kids.

I am sure you are like me and go out of your way to remain germ free, however having young kids makes this hard. Dettol kindly approached me to try some of their products. As a mum that is always on the lookout for products to help us stay healthy I welcomed the opportunity.

I have tried the following products:

Dettol Revitalise Antibacterial Handwash in Raspberry and Pomegranate

Dettol Revitalise Antibacterial Handwash in Raspberry and Pomegranate

Dettol Revitalise Antibacterial Handwash in Raspberry and Pomegranate

This hand wash smells so yummy and just makes you want to eat it. I would not recommend doing so but after washing your hands you smell lovely. It washes well, makes you feel good after using it and of course removes germs and dirt. My kids love it as well and have used a lot of it. It is now moved to a higher place to stop little people emptying the soap dispensers.

Just to give you an idea of costs, you can pick up the 250ml bottle at Coles for $3.13. The 500ml refill costs you $6.28 but at least then you can use the original dispenser again and again.


Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Handwash

Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Handwash

Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Handwash

I get dry skin and sometimes eczema so a sensitive hand wash is ideal. As I want to make sure I wash my hands regularly this is easy on my skin and allows me to be clean, germ free and have happy hands. I put this one in the kitchen to make sure that everyone can wash their hands and be healthy.

Costs for this bottle of 250ml at Coles is $3.13, I could not see a refill pack for this.

Dettol Power and Pure Wipes

These wipes are listed to be used for the kitchen however their first use was in a disaster that happened in my car. My little girl was sick on the M4 which if you don’t know is a major highway here. I had to clean the car and wipe all surfaces. It worked a treat and I have also used it on the kitchen surfaces. So a win on using it for different uses. I was glad to have it as I wanted to ensure the car was germ free.

Dettol Power and Pure Wipes

Dettol Power and Pure Wipes

To give you an idea of costs, you can pick up the 35 pack at Coles for $5.41


Dettol is leading a campaign called, Mission for Health. It encourages healthy and hygienic practices for communities and families in Australia and in Indonesia. Dettol are supporters for Save the Children and you can help support this cause.

Did you know?

“Dettol supports over 76 million children all through Indonesia, and each year, there are nearly 50,000 deaths from diarrhoea, often a result of poor hand washing practices. To reduce these numbers, Dettol and Save the Children have introduced a lifesaving child health and hygiene project to Indonesia.”

The simple act of hand washing and keeping clean can save so many lives. It is great that an organisation like Dettol support such a worthy cause. 

While looking at the Dettol website I noticed that Dettol has made hand washing fun; there are three downloadable stories to help with hand washing and form lifelong healthy habits. There is Billy & Bobby Rabbit, Snappy the Crocodile and Sarah the Butterfly. They won’t realise they are getting clean with all the fun they end up having.

What do I do to stay germ free?

  • Make sure we have fresh sheets
  • Surfaces are clean
  • Everyone washes their hands
  • Cough on your shoulder rather than your hands if no hanky/tissue available
  • If you cannot clean your hands use a hand sanitizer
  • I spray the house and areas with Glen 20 to make sure that odours and germs are not around
  • Keep the house clean and somewhat tidy (hard with busy kids)

What do you do to remain germ free? Have you had a sick month like I did? I do try to be germ free and healthy but when you get sick it is hard to maintain it all. I am a normal mum like you and do my best.

Sometimes things are left undone, however I try to do the important things like clothes, bed linen, and wiping surfaces. When you are sick it is hard and I do understand that not all things get done.  I am still in catch up mode since kids went back to pre-school. What about you?

Let us know your tips and trick and then we can all learn. Send in your comments.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Dettol’s Mission for Health.

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