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What are you giving your kids for Christmas? Have they asked for a pet yet? Mine have. The girls have asked for a kitten. (They even asked me to write down 1 kitten so that Santa will know what they want).  They desperately want a kitten, and would love this animal to bits if we got one.

Tommy before he got ill. He was such a great cat! More of a dog really.

Tommy before he got ill. He was such a great cat! More of a dog really.

Reasons to get a pet for the family and also for the kids:

  1. Cuddles and the attention it gives.
  2. The responsibility of looking after animal is good for kids to learn.
  3. The company a pet like a cat brings is great, I used to spend many evenings or days chatting away to my cat. He would be my best mate and would be with me always.
  4. Kids who have pets play outside more and get more exercise, for example walking the family dog, or playing in the park with the dog.
  5. Children that have pets tend to have less risk with asthma and other allergies.
  6. The cuddles an animal brings reduces stress, anxiety and helps ward off loneliness.
  7. People who own pets visit the doctor less.

As you can see the above list are excellent reasons to get a pet for the kids and the family.

A fat cat drawn by Julia

A fat cat drawn by Julia

Are you getting the kids a pet for Christmas? If so have you thought about Pet Insurance? This is a great help if something terrible happens, it helps you pay the bills and makes sure that your beloved bundle of fluff is looked after.

Green cat drawn by Lillian

Green cat drawn by Lillian

We did have a loved cat called, “Thomas” he was adored and our child before we had the twins.  However he got ill and we did not have pet insurance. When we get a new pet we will make sure to have insurance, “Thomas” ended up costing us lots of money for his surgery, and follow up treatments. The insurance would have been a big help.

Choosi allows you to compare different pet insurance so you pick the right plan and product for you. This is great, you don’t want to get stuck with a plan that is not right and has things you just don’t need. Choosi also lets you find a plan that will work for your budget so it will not be a strain to make sure your loved one is looked after.

For the time being we are not getting the twins a cat as requested and these are our reasons:

Here are some of our reasons for not getting a kitten:

  1. I would love to get a kitten for the kids but we like the freedom of going places and if we had a cat we would have to get it looked after.
  2. We are planning on building a new house soon and don’t want to have a cat/animal not be used to the new place. We are hoping to get a kitten when the new house is complete.
  3. Cats cost. Yes checkups at the vet, food and other things are money that we don’t have at the moment.

It is not that we are mean parents or don’t love cats or want one, it is our situation currently. (The kids might dispute this claim)

I would truly love to get the twins a kitten, they are all over their friends pets and it would be nice to have one of our own. As said, we are not anti-pets or cats, it is just not the right time for us.

Happy Red Cat Drawn by Julia

Happy Red Cat Drawn by Julia

Have you got the “Please mummy/daddy, can I have a dog/cat for Christmas?” and are you planning on making the dream happen? Did it go well? Did the kids do as promised and look after the cat/dog or is it your job? Have you found that the kids or child in question has grown up a lot due to owning a pet?  Let us know how it went at your place.

If you are planning on getting a pet for Christmas, make sure to consider pet insurance. Compare different pet insurance plans with Choosi.

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